The Choice of a Mystic God – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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External physical nature is easy to observe and relate to. The internal world is so subtle that many people doubt its existence.
The outer nature is easy to perceive because it is material, consisting of different components or parts and it has a strong deterministic or causal element. We can touch nature, we can discern stones, plants and animals and we can predict outcomes from experience and knowledge. In short you can say we are on top of it. We observe it as from the peak of the mountain and our intelligence can understand it.

With the internal world it is different. We are not on top. It cannot be touched in the same objective way. It cannot be cut into components or predicted as we predict the outer world. Now, we are the part of a bigger whole or holon.

As long as you limit yourself with yourself being the highest perspective, you could say your ego is blinding you, you are too closed or not humble enough or too isolated and disconnected to the spiritual world.

We have a free will and our life is full of choices. As we start to perceive the inner nature we choose to see things differently.
We choose to accept that nature is as much energy as it is matter; even more we see that matter is just the end result. Matter is the physical manifestation of energy. Function makes structure!
The function of budding and flowering is energetic, it is a will, an intention or desire, not the play of molecules alone.

Next, we start to perceive every manifestation as a result of an awareness. At this point, reality itself becomes an awareness or experiences of the soul rather than the body. When you choose to perceive reality from your soul and your experience, you start to see that you can change reality. You can change how you perceive things. You start to see that you can experience belonging even with material apparently dead things. You start to see that more and more things are interconnected, entanglement and synchronicity turns up around every corner. All the laws of the physical nature can be broken without any doubt in your mind and you will even perceive it as more real.

Reality, at this stage, is a mystery. Deep challenges are met with respect, confidence and trust. Challenges are not only yours but part of a wise, loving plan. You start to realize you are part of something bigger, something that is wanted, has a plan and a meaning. You belong to a bigger wholeness a bigger holon.

You perceive the hard times as something moulding you, transforming you and making you a better version, servant or player. You become more and more willing to submit and adapt to the bigger holon. You are not so much YOU anymore but more and more a part of a group or society. You step out circle by circle as you transcend the family, neighbourhood, nation and reach the world with the whole human kind. You can even transcend further and further to include the eternal vastness.

As you give up yourself to tune yourself with a bigger whole or holon, you increase your holonity. You adapt more and more, you merge with the spiritual sea, the universal ocean that your soul always was swimming in. You also start to recognise the small messages that has been talking to your mind or soul, the inner compass trying to show you the course of the path, the impulses, intuition and synchronicity that takes care of you. Realizing that one circle of awareness is part of a bigger circle and again being part of something bigger, moving from global to solar, from galactic to universal or meta-universal you perceive God as omnipresent, omnipotent wisdom and love as much fatherly as motherly as much vast as eternal and at the same time with no extension as well as completely timeless nothingness.
Good choice of a mystic God.

P.S. Laniakea is the name of the vast clusters of galaxies close to our own milky way, this is our home in the closer part of the universe.

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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: April 29, 2018

    As always, your writings make me think deeply, thank you Andreas, for being who you are and for being here with us! 🙂

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