The Conflict of Self – by Stephen Metcalfe-Davies

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If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. 
~ From The Gospel of St Thomas.
Each of us are tasked to look within ourselves and bring forth the shadows that lie deep within us and then face them. Ancient Shamans and Indian tribes did this to bring balance to the self, a kind of psychic therapy. Facing your shadows would also mean that they are not projected into the physical world by your energy. How many of us run away from ourselves and instead, give in to fear and ego, a conflict of self. Recognize, that everything we see in this world is a result of our collective intentions and thoughts. The world is but a reflection, a mirror of those thoughts, positive and negative.

Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.  ~ Albert Einstein.

It is important to remember the power within each of us, just as an artist would shape clay, we can shape our world and it all begins with our thoughts, because they become intentions, we then give energy to those intentions and act on them bringing them into reality. The universe responds to this vibration of our energy and sends back what we give out. Like the law of cause and effect, every action has an equal reaction positive or negative. There is no right or wrong only the choices we make in the way we experience life.

You can let life grind you down or you can learn lessons from it. So accept it,  let go and flow with it, only then will you realise it does not control you, but you are in control of it, like a mast on a ship you can direct the tide you wish to sail. Therefore to begin changing the world, first change your thoughts, face your own darkness, forgive yourself and others.

By Stephen Metcalfe-Davies

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