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You are so beautiful

Like the Rainbow, you are a multi-coloured, multi-faceted Being and every aspect of you is beautiful.

But are you truly connected to every aspect of you?

Are there aspects that you have hidden or buried, due to other people’s judgement of you?

It is time to re-connect with every bit of you, all those aspects you have pushed to one side because of that judgement, because of fear.

You are amazing but you are at your most amazing when you are complete.

It is time to complete yourself, to become re-acquainted with those aspects that you have hidden from and that you have hidden from others.

Just as you should not judge others, do not take on board others judgement of you.

When you judge it is your stuff, when other people judge it is there stuff.

You are an adult, a human Being, with a Heart of your own. Yes, a Heart of your own.

Mind is what sits in judgement, Heart is what loves unconditionally.

Be true to your Heart and every aspect of yourself.

You have to find your own way to re-connect with those aspects of yourself; to let your child out to play.

Yes, let your inner child out to play.

When was the last time you had a playdate with yourself?

You did something like paddle in the sea or go barefoot on the grass, have lots of laughter, water fights, hosepipe fights (now depending on where you are in the world when you are reading to this, it may not be appropriate because it is too cold out).

But then if you can have a log fire, get the games out, when was the last time you had a family games evening or morning?

Be True to yourself, Love yourself, Accept yourself.

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A Message from The Deva

Love, Peace & Light

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This article was written by Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane? Sara is 57 years old and had a varied background before finding Complementary Therapies in 2002. She currrently lives and works from her home in Bournemouth, UK. She has worked in retail to Area Manager Level, was a consumer services manager for 2 toy manufacturers, ran public houses with her first husband and worked in insurance. She is now a Reiki & Sound Energy Master Practitioner & Teacher and practitioner of Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Ear Candling, as well as running self-development and other workshops, Reiki and Sound Shares. Sara is an author, international speaker and the founder of Gift of Healing TV, as well as being the voice for many friends in the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over the Earth's Crystals. She also loves the outdoors and in 2001 was a trainee handler at The UK Wolk Conservation Trust, where she had many wonderful interactions with the wolves​.


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