The Easter Hare and Easter Lamb – by Irene Nielsen

Life has a habit on the farm, where the hares and lambs play among themselves. The farmer stands and looks at his animals. He stops and his mind flies around his head. With one he recalls that he has to count his hares and lambs to find out how many he must have slaughtered, now that the spring stands for the door. He begins his count of the animals, to find out which ones to be slaughtered and which ones to stay on the farm. Out of the door the farmer’s wife goes to the farmer. She says high to the farmer, “How many of our animals are to be slaughtered this spring?” The farmer looks at his wife and says, “I do not know yet, is counting.”

One of the lambs stops for a moment and out of the eyebrow, it looks at the other lambs. Quickly, a chain of contact are been formed between them all. The lambs agree that they should try to get in touch with the farmer to tell him what it’s like to be in a truck to be transported to a slaughterhouse to die there. The lead lamb says yes to be the one who makes contact and communicate with the farmer. (The lamb that addresses the farmer is called Shep). Shep goes to the farmer and stares at him to create a contact. The farmer watches his one lamb staring at him. He walks to Shep and settles beside it. (Shep starts her telepathic conversation slowly but surely). Shep says, “Us lamb wants to tell you what it’s like to get in a truck to be transported to a slaughterhouse to die there.”

Shep continues her speak, “First of all, there is an inner turmoil, among us when we are taken from our safe fold and into the truck. We just want to be where we usually are with our loved ones. I call my dear to me and we are led from the fold into the truck. We join because we know we are food for many people and that it is our destiny we meet. We also know that there will be a time when it will be changed. In many trucks there is tight space and the ride can be too hard for many. What’s happening among us is that we spend time chatting to each other and keeping in mind all the good moments we had together, but a few may well panic. Once we have entered the slaughterhouse.  The fear come fort in some of the lambs. At the slaughterhouse there are people who take care of us to get us to the right place. In some places we get gassed elsewhere we get a syringe that causes us to fall asleep, then another syringe that we die from. Some of us get so frightened and confused inside that they forget what their destiny is. They shout inside, where is my mother, where is my mother, what should happen to me, why cannot I live my life. Others take it more fun and know they come back. They see their friends again in a while, in the inner worlds. Everything becomes bright in their interior and they float into the light, together with all the others. Others quickly slide out of their bodies without so much thought and feeling, floating into the light and meeting with the others. Everything we want in our physical life here on earth is the same as humans. We would like to be with our family. Have a safe fold to live in, have food, grow old, learn something from each other, show love to each other and people. So that the lambs, the hares and all the other animals slaughtered want to be on a planet where we can all learn something, live in the energy of love and in unity with all that is on Mother Earth.”

The farmer is sitting quietly, “What was this” he thought.  “Tell me Shep, did you just tell me something about being slaughtered?” The farmer looked closely at Shep again. Shep laughed a little bit inside herself and continued her telepathic speech to the farmer. She made sure to send clear pictures to the farmer. “If you understand these pictures, do the same as me.” Shep took her right leg up and down twice and told the farmer that he should do the same. The farmer hesitated for a few seconds, but took his right leg up and down twice. He immediately stopped to tell himself that he understood what his lamb was saying. The farmer exclaimed, “I can communicate with my lamb.”  Crashed to Shep, said the farmer,  “Would you repeat your beautiful message from before, just want to understand correctly.” Shep told him again. The farmer was so pleased with the message and his new contact with his animals that he went in to his wife and told what he had experienced. They agreed to keep all the animals. Because they wanted to create a whole new family, on their farm.


About author

This article was written by Irene Nielsen

My name is Irene Nielsen. I have always had a close contact with animals therefore I would like to write about them and their vast visdom and love. I communicate whit them and helps them in their lives on earth and the people around them. I want to help open the hearts of humanity for the animals so that we once again can live in harmony whit each other on Mother Earth. I also have contact with the elfes and nature beings.


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