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Ah February! The lovely month of cold and snow and ahhhh the winter is half over. Yippee!!

The theme for the feature articles for February is ‘recommend’ and a funny thing happened on the way to February – we planned a review section without realizing the coincidence. And how serendipitous is that?

Down there at the bottom of the front page, you will see our new section called ‘My View.’ If you refresh the page, you can see even more reviews. Enjoy and may you find some new things that you like there.

In other news:
We would like to welcome our newest writer to the magazine; Tanya MacIntyre. Please pop around and have a read. I’m sure swindowhe has something special planned for her first article.

If you have ever had the thought that you would like to write a book one day, there is no time like the present. To write a book, one must practice writing and this is where we can help. Many of our authors are writing their books one article at a time through their participation at The Magic Happens.

This month, our authors will have their own community forum where they can help each other write books, promote themselves and share whatever else writers need support for. It’s is only available to writers who contribute to the magazine on a regular basis.

Join us today and rub shoulders with award winning and bestselling authors. Learn with us, ‘how to be a good writer.’ Take advantage of the discipline building practice of writing regularly. You won’t be sorry.

Here are The Magic Happens, 2015 is a celebration of how ‘EVERYONE’S STORY COUNTS.’ Contact us and make YOUR story count.  Feel free to share us with others you think might want to tell their story.

That seems to be it for new stuff this month. Go grab your warm beverage, kick your feet up and enjoy the ride that has been prepared for you for this month: The month of February 2015.

Happy Trails
The Magic Happens Crew

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