The Elysium Project: Our Camelot – by Hercules Invictus

I am greatly honored, and blessed, to be a resident of Tenafly, New Jersey. In fact, I can conceive of no better place to be at this point of my life.

Tenafly is affectionately called Camelot by some of its long-time residents, and having lived in the borough for nearly three years now, I can certainly understand why. In legend, Camelot is a shining example of collective human endeavor at its finest, and a powerful reminder of the greatness we are capable of expressing through wise governance.




Under the visionary leadership of Mayor Peter Rustin and his Council, Tenafly is a prosperous and cheerful community that places a high premium on education, the environment, wellness and overall quality of life. Visual images of Tenafly would make any post-card proud. Tenafly has already been recognized as one of the best places to live in the Garden State, and thus serves as an excellent role-model for The Elysium Project.

Not that Tenafly is free of challenges. There will always be obstacles in life, to draw us together, inspire our best efforts, stimulate our creativity, expand our understanding and guarantee our continued growth as individuals and as a community. In Tenafly we have the optimism and confidence to anticipate, meet, and benefit from tackling these challenges.

Tenafly also inspires many creative people with diverse, and sometimes opposing, views to volunteer their time and work together toward creating an even better future for all its residents. I am proud to be one of this number, and consider each moment spent in the service of Tenafly to be time well spent.

Of special interest to me is the success of our Mayor’s Wellness Campaign, which is continuously expanding to touch even more local lives. Aside from the TMWC, I have been devoting as much time as my schedule permits to other worthwhile activities in or around the borough.



I would like to thank Mayor Peter Rustin and his Council, Christine Evron and our Chamber of Commerce, the Tenafly Rotary Club, the Tenafly Elks, and all the people who live or work in Tenafly for inspiring me with a truly noble dream and granting me the opportunity to contribute to it.

I, Hercules Invictus, am honored that my life-path led to Tenafly, a modern-day Camelot and a real-life model for Elysium. Tenafly is proof that by working together in concert for the benefit of our community we can indeed help create, and live in, a much better world.

Images: Top: Tenafly Mayor Peter Rustin

Bottom: Historic Tenafly Station by KForce at English Wikipedia

(c) Hercules Invictus


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