The Emotional Battle of Finding Cheap Gas… – by David Franklin Farkas

I know you do it, too.

You go out of your way to find the cheapest gas. Right? It feels morally and economically, correct.

Since I’m retired and work from home I no longer have a long commute. So, my gasoline consumption is much lower than it was. Still, I have that urge to search for cheap gas.
Let’s see… If I save 10-cents per gallon on 15 gallons of gas that’s a whopping… $1.50! But, if I drive much out of my way to squeeze a few sheckles out of the gas bill I can easily eat up the savings with the gas used to drive around finding cheap gas.
Why in the world does that matter to me?
What compels me to fuss over this? Why do I feel like I am a failure or incompetent or a piker if I don’t track down that elusive cheapest gas?

It’s not about the gas, is it?
That voice in my head and the queasy feeling in my gut are all the messages I got as a kid and adolescent about being bad, wrong and incompetent, even though I am a good, smart, moral and very skilled man. It feels as if I must carry out this quest to prove to myself ‘they’ were wrong about me. Or to meet their demanding standards? Or to demonstrate that I know what is right and will do what needs to be done.
I know the frugal people who installed this need came here as nearly penniless immigrants and survived the Great Depression and ‘The War.’ I get it. Actually, I got it. Like so many things it has become emotionally hard-wired into who I am.
Becoming conscious of this dynamic means I can catch myself and do things differently. I do have an ‘app’ for that search for cheap gas and can find the closest reasonably priced gas station and not fuss over a few pennies more or less. And, I can feel righteous about letting go of yet another dis-empowering message from childhood.
Almost everything we do
is sparked by unconscious programming from our family, religion, other authority figures and quasi-authorities like news and school teachers. It just goes in and settles in dark corners of our mind that we normally cannot directly access. But, they act like computer programs that run when called up by circumstances. They are often at best dis-empowering, at worst self-destructive.
We now also know
that traumas and emotions experienced by prior generations are, literally, coded into our DNA and eliciting responses in our daily lives to past events in our ancestors’ lives!
Every time you notice something does not make sense, you start unraveling the mystery. There are great techniques for letting go of this gunk. I use Ho’oponopono all day. I also like the Sedona Method, Tapas Acupressure Technique and friends us EFT.
Pick one that feels right and use it. A LOT! And, take back choice! Take back free will and control!
Meanwhile, this week…
I have a post office box where I used to live. Since it was my address for a very long time, it would be a major project to do change-of-address on everything that has always pointed there. So, once a week, when I do my grocery run to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, I go pick up mail at the post office.
I was sitting outside the post office and checked my gas pricing app. Turns out the gas station right next door had regular gas for 25-cents cheaper than most of the stations in the area! And, an attentive young man pumped the gas and checked my oil!
The unseen is messing with me. Again. Still…

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This article was written by David Franklin Farkas

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