The Gift of Poetry – by Annette

Here in the month of April. those who write poetry are being lauded!  That’s right, it is National Poetry Month. This is the 20th Annual National Poetry Month, which was originally created in 1996 by The Academy of American Poets. There are many celebrations planned all month long such as The Dear Poet Project, Poem in Your Pocket Day and Poem-A-Day. You will find all the information on this site


I thought long and hard about what this meant to me, after all, I’ve written poetry for decades. It occurred to me that perhaps I should publish a new book of poetry.

A_Haiku_Perspective Cover In honor of National Poetry Month, I am releasing: A Haiku Perspective 2016. “This book is dedicated to those who seek to express themselves through the medium of poetry.” Available in paperback as well as on Kindle, A Haiku Perspective 2016 offers a poetic look at life using a 5-7-5 syllable, haiku format. Even though some of the haiku are longer than 3 lines, each can be separated into the 5-7-5 syllable format, which means each of the longer haiku can be evenly divided by three.

Of course, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme and generally, my haiku doesn’t rhyme either. Poetry, itself, offers the creator as well as the reader an opportunity to experience the world by marrying the head and heart in verse. I believe that people write poetry unwittingly. And of course there is the old joke about ‘being a poet without knowing it’ Heck, even song lyrics are poetry and not all of them rhyme either.

I have also done something else, in honor of National Poetry Month for 2016 and that is to offer each of my Haiku poetry books at a special price on Kindle. Woo hoo!  It’s a .99 each special for A Haiku Perspective 2015, PhoKu and A Haiku Perspective 2016 for one week each. Beginning April 11th, and for each Monday thereafter, a different book will be available at that special price. They will be in order listed above and as the next book becomes available, the previous one will revert to its regular price. You can not only pick up copies for yourself but you can also gift them to someone else (I know, because I have gifted many a Kindle eBook to others).

*On a side note, one does not need a Kindle to order eBooks.  I downloaded an app for my laptop, it’s called a Kindle Cloud Reader and that allows me to order and read all the eBooks I desire! 

So, there you are!  In my own special way, I am paying homage to all those who enjoy reading poetry, those who love writing poetry and the magic of words in general. Have a terrific National Poetry Month!

*Want a reminder for each of these book specials? Visit my blog every Monday in April for the weekly announcements!

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