The God-incidence of Water – by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Water is one element of Mother Nature that can retain what we communicate to it; it basically absorbs those vibrations and preserves them. That’s the wonderful thing about water; it has its own intelligence and can maintain our thought and word energy. If you speak sacred syllables of mantras to water, the water gets more and more sanctified, more and more energized. If you drink such water it’s more like energizing your body. Most importantly, because our body is 70% water, we have to be very careful about what we take in because our body absorbs words, thoughts, emotions, and feelings very intelligently.

Therefore, we have to be very cautious about our thoughts and our emotions because if water continuously absorbs the negative vibrations of our negative thoughts and emotions, then automatically the water inside us is polluted. Just as we are not happy to drink polluted water and we always look forward to pure drinking water, similiarly, in order to have a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy life, we need to take stock of the condition of the water that is inside the cells of our body.

Our body’s cellular structure holds so much water that it can be consciously programmed so that the water of our body becomes very pure and uncontaminated by negative thoughts, negative ingestions and negative events. If we become more and more conscious about the water content of our body and prepare it to face the world, then we become an instrument that offers the world good and positive things.

We must not to only seek good mineral water or pure water to quench our thirst, as that’s a very small part of caring for our bodies. The real question is, what is the condition of the water that is the fluid part in our body? Is it pure water or is it contaminated water? What quality is that water? In order to make it pure inside, we need to be careful about our thoughts and emotions. That’s the most important message. Even the rishis of our land would say mantras into water and throw it on someone as the most powerful transmission of their spiritual energy into that body. At times, they even raised the dead by throwing mantra-water on a dead body. That’s one part.

The other facet of water’s sanctity is that it is part of this beautiful Mother Earth. Is it sheer coincidence that 70% of Mother Earth is water and also 70% of our body is water? Or is there a message to us? In the world there is no co-incidence, there is only God-incidence. It’s absolutely Divine mathematics. If that is the case, then we have to be careful how we never contaminate the water.

Finally, the biggest message we need to send to the world is that statistics show that most of the rivers in India and other parts of the world are drying up. Where there was water once, now are long stretches of barren lands. It’s only during the rainy season that the water comes as it’s fed by the rainwater, but again, it gradually dries up. That is a big threat to the world because without water we cannot survive.

Water is the only thing which we call Life. If water is life and life is water, then it’s for each one of us to preserve and not misuse water, either in our washroom or anywhere else. We need to have more and more programs and awakenings all over the world to not go about polluting the oceans and rivers with plastic bottles, chemicals, and other waste. Even in India, we find that most of the sacred rivers, which were the source of our true mother, are drying up and are completely polluted. It is affecting the minds, bodies, and the health of people; it’s affecting the environment everywhere. It’s a huge responsibility for each one of us to best take care of the water inside of us, in our molecular structure, but also how we take care of the water that is earth mother’s only source of life for all other species, not just human. Water is life, life is water…we need to ponder on this and take special care of the water within and without!

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This article was written by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari is a globally acclaimed spiritual and motivational teacher, author, social advocate, peacemaker and innovative micro-credit leader from West Bengal, India. In 2005, Shuddhanandaa founded the Stress Management Academy (SMA), and began conducting global seminars on breathing, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking for schools, corporations, hospitals, prisons and other venues. He expanded his offerings in 2012 by introducing Courses in Mindfulness (CIM). He has presented his programs to businesses, universities and general audiences in India, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Kenya, Bahrain, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Canada. Wherever he goes, his vibrant intelligence, fully engaged heart and remarkable presence touch his audience. His presence bears the mark of his years of practice of meditation and relentless service to humanity. He walks the talks. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the S.T.A.R Foundation at the House of Lords, UK, in July 2015. He has authored several books, including Your Mind, Your Best Friend: 30 Days to Building Your Most Important Friendship and Cleaning the Mirror of Mind: Clutter Free Home, Clutter Free Mind, The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi and Finding the Light of Your Positive Mind. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, and is a popular figure on the social media. Devoted to stress free happy living, he has also been regularly giving talk shows on TV since 2014. Websites:


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