The Greatest Love of All

One of the most remarkable lessons I have learned over the decades is to be kind to myself, to care for myself as I would care for another life. Self-care is huge. Without the ability to care for ourselves, we create a potential burden for others as well as do ourselves a tremendous disservice. It is neither selfish nor rude, it is actually one of the most loving acts we can perform; to engage in the tender, loving care of ourselves.

love-6 Naturally, there are those who might believe that caring for ourselves would come at the expense of caring for, or about others, and to this thought I say, nay! In fact, when we are so over flowing with the energy of love, we generate MORE and we can choose to give that to others. The more we have flowing from the core of our very being, the easier showing care for other life becomes. And what’s more, the more we generate that love from within ourselves, the more we attract.  Like will draw like unto itself, so why wouldn’t we choose kindness?

Perhaps we would believe that we can gain more by giving. After all, doesn’t this show or prove to others that we are deserving.  So we empty ourselves of all our energy, taking every opportunity to be all things to all people but to what end?  An empty rain barrel is an empty rain barrel until more rain falls, right? And if someone knows they can visit that barrel whenever they need water, they will, but they are not equipped to refill that barrel.  It works the same with our energy we give so readily.  When we give and give to those who step up to receive, we all too soon realize that those who take are not equipped to replenish our supply.  Much like the rain barrel, from whence our supply originates, has nothing to do with where our supply is needed. Basically, in order to have it to give, we have to have it to begin with.  Hence, taking us back to self-care.

There is a magic taking place when we expend the energy to care for ourselves, not only are we filling up with resources to share but we are also proving examples for others to follow.  Heck, others are going to follow our examples anyway, why not make what we do, something we would WANT to see replicated, right?  How magical is it to see shiny, happy people everywhere you look!  People who are thriving out loud, living their lives to the fullest, and who have so much to give that it literally flows from them without even trying. And of course the most magical of energies is that we honor the life we were given!  What is the thought, your life is a gift to you, what you do with it is a gift to the creator?

Bottom line for me, is that I believe that self-care, being kind to oneself, learning to love yourself is the greatest act of charity one can perform.  It all has to start somewhere, it starts with you!

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