The Honor of Your Presence is Requested – by Annette Rochelle

They say there is no time like the present. Many people are scurrying about gathering presents to present to their kith and kin in celebration of a wide variety of holidays embraced world-wide. There’s a flurry of activity in the stores, on the home front and in our minds. Makes me wonder how we can be present when all we are thinking about are the presents…

Presents given can provide great fun. Watch the face of someone ripping excitedly into that package with the all too familiar shape and try to hold back your amusement. Does a body good to share that happiness, which is why we love being a part of the entire experience. Open arms wide to welcome the hugs and gratitude and allow that feeling to last.

There is one present which cannot be wrapped and placed under the tree, in a stocking or handed over with fanfare, that would be the gift of being present. Being in that moment is the true gift. Savoring the joy, connecting honestly with the emotional excitement of the one sharing that time with you, will be what they recall long after the wrappings have been discarded. To be sure, you may have presented that special someone with an engagement ring, which will be the everlasting reminder of that day. Still, when they are looking at the item, they’ll be thinking about the entire experience. Visions of what each of you were wearing may surface. The feeling of anticipation of what could be in that box may flood into their body, bringing back the butterflies and yes, the “thing” that makes it the most incredible of moments, was that you were right there.

Of course, your presence on any given day can make it feel like the holidays. That time you just listened while they poured out their heart. The day you went on a hunting expedition in search of the perfect picnic spot, found it and had a great time. The instant your face lit up when they delivered the punch line to a joke you have already heard but reacted as though it was the first time. These examples reflect the giving of the most precious gift, being present!


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