The I Ching answers your question – a classic – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Here is the review of another classic.

I Ching or The book of Changes or Classic of Changes is one of the most ancient books we have. It is an ancient divination book and the oldest Chinese classic.
It is ascribed to cultural heroes as King Wen and the legendary world ruler Fu Xi, but its author will probably remain a mystery. It is regarded as close to 3000 years old, but might be older. It also is likely that its knowledge was passed on verbally before it was written down. It is based on eternal principles and as such it is ageless.

There are no other two books so old and so much used today as the I Ching and the Bible. The I Ching is not a book you read, but a book you consult when you have a challenge, a difficult decision or important question in your life.

Some people use Tarot cards, the patterns in the bottom of a coffee cup, the patterns of the clouds a crystal ball or they just look up in the middle of any book, pointing there finger and then reading to see if there is a message for you just there for here and now. In the same way people use the I Ching.

Who has not been in a situation where you would have loved to have the answer to an important question? Who would not have loved to have an oracle available when needed?

The magic or wisdom of the I Ching is in its structure. Basically it is a description of 64 different situations you can be stuck in or on the way between in your life.

The use of the I Ching is based on two principles. The first takes not only an energetic perspective on life, but the perspective that everything is information and awareness. What you see or experience at any given moment is according to what you need, it is wise and based on care from the universe or God if you like. It is a perfect match for you just now.

So if you consult an oracle it will reflect that state. Like it is said in the Proverbs [16:33] “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from God.
It is called cleromancy and is a form of sortition or casting of lots to reflect the state or need you have at that moment. What some people will say is random is considered a reflection of an aware universe, God or other spiritual beings.

In the old times one used Yarrow sticks to find your I Ching configuration, many people now use coins and today more and more people take a search on Google for I Ching + online and let the computer do the job of random selection.

The other principle is based on the description of existence in a set number of repeating patterns. Many of us have experienced situations in life that we have also experienced earlier. How many such situations do exists?

In principle it can be an endless amount, but also you can categorize them and make a fixed number. Based on yin and yang and the combination of 3 sets of yin (broken line) and yang (unbroken line) the Chinese made the trigrams (See illustration). There are eight trigrams categorising everything in nature into 8 different qualities.

The trigrams are used for Feng Shui and to understand nature and life in a philosophical way. Combining two of the eight trigrams creates one of the 64 hexagrams.

You could say that if you put all possible experiences a human can have on a circle and then you divide that into 64 parts you have the second principle of I Ching.

There has been famous mathematicians and scientist looking into the structure of the I ching. It uses the same language as modern computers; the binary code. It has the same set of possibilities as the language of the DNA creating 64 codons that tells the body which amino acid to produce.

Enough about the principles, which book are you getting?
I personally prefer The I Ching Workbook by R.L. Wing, but there are many others and a lot of online resources.

Use it with respect, sit down contemplate what your state of mind is, be open minded to any feedback, formulate the question as open as possible. I like to just ask what is my state at this moment in life. Then I use the answer for an insight about what to do.

The Magic happens now!

One day I will publish the whole set of 64 hexagrams on too

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