The Imperfect Apostrophe – Annette Rochelle Aben

Have you ever had your imperfections pointed out? Ever read a magazine and seen an advertisement stating that unless you had this or that, there was something wrong? Ever had a person you wanted to spend time with reject you because you behaved a certain way?  These are a couple examples of how others think we can improve upon our imperfections.

Gadzooks!  Really?

Being acceptable to someone else may be what you choose but if in the process, you relinquish a part of you that makes you unique and special, does that make sense? What happens once that someone changes their mind about their definition of perfection, and you are told, once again, to change? If you enjoy hoop jumping, then have a good time. Yet, you probably do not enjoy making yourself over to please the world. At some point, it’s going to get old. You are the only one who can decide what is perfect about you and why it is perfect. If you decide to make a change suggested by an advertisement, make it because YOU feel it enhances your perfection.

Here is something to ponder. Why not embrace those things that others may see as imperfect? Consider that the reason others might want to you to change is because they are threatened by your imperfections. Perhaps your imperfections make them see their own imperfections and that is the true source of their discomfort. If they cannot accept their imperfections, then at least they can control someone else’s imperfections and that brings a false sense of stability.

Gadzooks! This is a dog-chasing-its-tail thought process!

Consider that the word, imperfect has been misused all these years. Yes sir!  Look at the very word. If you inserted an apostrophe in the right place, the word becomes the truth of who you are and how you’ve been created.  You are a perfect being! Created as perfect! You can never be imperfect with being perfect!  Put that apostrophe after the letter “I” and put a space after the “M”. This, THIS is the truth of perfection!  This is the truth of YOU!  All your perceived imperfections are what makes you perfect. Use that imperfect apostrophe and declare to yourself and to the rest of the world” I’M PERFECT!


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