The Joy of Self Love – by David J. Little

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I recently attended a Writers Workshop at Hay House live in Las Vegas, yes Las Vegas. A place filled with opulence and distractions. The event was at a resort and convention center complete with a casino.

The contrast between the people who are attending the event and the people who were staying and gambling at the resort where marked. The people who attended the Hay House event for the most part were energized,engaged and aware. The people that were staying at the resort or just gambling in the hotel had a much different energy. I’m not judging them or labeling them, I just observed that they were lacking something. And in their defense it was early in the morning and maybe they had been up all night.

From this perspective, I decided I would try a little experiment after the event concluded. I went out with my significant other and did some Vegas things, we went on a giant roller coaster, saw a show or two, and tried our luck at the slots.

Here’s the interesting part, the gambling aspect of this experiment. This was very draining and time-consuming. I found the visual and audio cues from the slot machines enticed you to keep on playing, even if you were tired and in need of respite. People (myself included) would stay on the slots for extended periods of time encouraged by the potential rewards of winning. This was very draining and demoralizing.

On the other hand people who were playing games together such as blackjack and craps had a common bond, they were playing against the house. On the whole they were more engaged with each other and even the dealers. This made for a more fun environment, it brought out the spirit of joy and camaraderie. I was observing interactions between the players as they were rooting for each other. The spirit of love was in the room.

What I’m saying is, life is about what vibration we approach things from. My partner was doing this at the blackjack table, I on the hand was thinking about how tired I was. She was intentionally enjoying herself, I was not. It was at that moment I decided to go up to our room for the night and shift my attention to self care (sleep). At that moment my vibration changed to one of self-love and I gave up any need to control anything. This is my point, I really didn’t need to concern myself with what other people were doing, winning or losing, drinking or not, smoking or not. I let go of need to judge the situation and took care of me.

Lesson learned; take care of yourself, love yourself and everything will be fine, in fact it will be divine.

I will leave you with a quote.

“The spirit of love arranges all meetings in divine order for the highest good of all concerned.”
~Alan Cohen~

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