The light that energizes the much tired soul – by Kc


Inspired To reignite your soul into a feeling of delight and aspiration?
I was chatting to a friend today who asked me to post an enlightening poem to her web page on Facebook as she has noticed that many souls are feeling deflated. I was honoured but yes I have also noticed this feeling too. I do not know whether it is the fact that the weather is still not up to what we enjoy.

I know that sounds selfish in a little way, as we are so blessed that we were not brow beaten with snow, and blown away by the forceful gales that hit some countries. So to be a little complaining about the weather not being the way we would prefer is a little harsh. As there are more serious issues going on in the world right now.

Yet I find like others that sometimes the soul kind of falls almost asleep and craves that bright shining light with heat in the sky. The light seems to bring a new buzz into our steps, and by around this time each year, March we all seem to yearn for the energy boost that we sometimes get from the wonderful ball of fire that lights up the universe.

It is so vital that not only do we keep our minds and body healthy that we do not forget our souls. They are the core to our existence, if we do not keep it full of love, light and joy then we cannot go on in a positive way. Therefore we struggle to help ourselves and other souls too, let’s not forget we are all on this journey and all need help at times. Assisting other fellow souls is something that helps us all grow in a wonderful and aspiring way. I however believe that at times the universe has it’s way of helping us to energize and when it does it is more powerful than we can imagine.

Last Summer I remember feeling ecstatic and excited about life, the warmth of the sun enabled me to feel good about things. My poetry flew off the page like the gentle breeze that travels around the gardens of the world and gently touches the leaves of the trees until it calmly fades. Not disappearing, just hiding away until the gentle pull of the universe reminds it to come and touch the souls of the world.

I want to share with you my enlightening moment, when I felt like life was worth more than I had ever felt before. I pray that reading this will help you to reignite your soul into a feeling of delight and aspiration.

Sending blessings of love & light xx


Warming Up The Soul

As the light it rises up a bit
And the light it brighter shines
Warmth and love are an easier fit
As the sun wipes away the lines

To make more space deep within
As the rays are warming up the soul
And with it all a smile and a grin
To help fill up the empty hole

That darkness and sadness did take away
So cruelly and yet as time did pass
The sun it came back to play
Amongst the atoms of the black mass

The light it spread o so wide
As the grief and pain did fade
Then excitement grew inside
And the blanket of hope was laid

As the cloaks were gently dispersed
And the inner shell revealed
No longer life to be rehearsed
Heat and love to be healed

So the warmth to its embrace
Like a play enacts its part
Light it took its rightful place
To fill up light and love in the heart

Copyright © K.C. Hart


Photo Copyright © Chris Bishop

Photo Copyright © Chris Bishop

Thanks Chris Bishop for providing this lovely photo

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This article was written by K.C. Hart

Hi I am K.C. I have been writing poems most of my life. I have been so inspired by Poets such as the likes of "William Wordsworth" and his poem " I wandered lonely as a cloud" have helped me on the journey of life. I have been so blessed that the universe has given me such a talent as Creating Poetry to touch the souls of others. You can check out some of my poems at my website please feel free to share your comments on my blogs xx Sending blessings of love & light always xx I hope that you enjoy my writings and that it will inspire you, to know that no matter the challenges life brings that the stars will shine for you like they now do for me. Sending blessings of peace, love & light to you all always xxxx


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