The magic of repetition – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Indigenous music sometimes seem simple in its structure with its on-going repeating themes. Despite that it has a power to pull you into a deeper state of mind. Some people need to rock themselves or we rock the baby in repeated rhythm to rest or fall asleep. The ability of repetition to take you both deeper and higher has been under estimated.

If there is a text you do not understand or a topic, you can read it again and again and it will slowly reveal itself to you.
If you read a poem many times, you could discover depths you missed at first.
Listening to a piece of music again and again can also expand your perception.

Any athlete or musician can tell you how important repetition is to achieve something new.

Heraclitus famous saying “No man ever steps in the same river twice” is a good way to understand that repeating is not just repetition but also a change into a new level.

From a perspective of holons, repeating takes you to the higher holon and increases your holonity, or alignment with a higher holon.

Do not be afraid to repeat and repeat until you reach a deeper state.

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