The Magical Mosaic – By Lee Pryke

The theme this month is Mosaic. When I think about the meaning of the word what comes to mind is the online community that makes up The Magic Happens magazine. It is a creation of an incredible Mosaic with all the unique writers who give their time and knowledge to the information submitted each month.

Mosaic can be defined as something that consists of a combination of different things or people.

Every writer, each article and column, is a combination of what the writers have learned on their journey through life, each a part of the bigger piece, creating a beautiful harmonic mosaic of colour and vibrancy to be enjoyed by each other and the readers.


As with any art piece, this mosaic will be viewed uniquely and seen in its beauty through the eyes of the reader. One piece may stand out more than another and yet as a whole we have created a masterpiece Mosaic weaved together piece by piece by our master artists (editors).

The world is a better place because of this Mosaic and I am grateful to be a part of something magical, beautiful, and empowering, as it brings joy to my soul every time I read an article, look at a photo, see the vision come to life!

I would love to read your comments on my little pieces of the bigger part and encourage you to view some of the other incredible people that make up this Magical Mosaic.

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This article was written by Lee Pryke

“Through my years of learning, experiencing, and researching personal enrichment, the common demoninator is that we create our daily TO DO list with others in the top three, not honouring our own unique gifts first; in fear of feeding our 'ego'. Here’s the rub – Everything is energy and when we feel good about ourselves from the inside out, that energy transmits into the environment around us. Our family, friends, co-workers feel the energy [negative or positive] and it manifests more of the same. What frequency are you plugged into? Are you tired and feeling stuck or is your world everything you desire? In my world I am known as 'a boost of happy' and you are invited to come and play in my world. Energy Therapist, Transitional Coach, Author, and Educator Wellness Advocate, Lee guides you towards the end result with love, laughter and compassion.


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