The Meeting 3 – by Irene Nielsen

Merlin said to Clara that she had to stand op on his travel board. It was a board that made it enabled to soar above life lines around Atlantis. They hovered 30 centimeters above the earth’s surface. Clara asked Merlin, where did you get this board form. Merlin said, I got it from a sound temple when I was little. Each child gets his, own when they are quit little, it is engraved whit their specific name and the abilities they, come whit when they incarnated in Atlantis. I was not embodied on Atlantis as all other children are today. I came directly from Andromeda galaxy. Oh boy thought Clara, wondering where I come from. Merlin answered her you are coming from the planet Orion. But we should go to my magic place now.Irene3

Merlin said you shall be whit me for two days and then you must visit our dedicated temple of Poseidon and Sphinx on the island that lies, in the middle of Atlantis. Hold the party thought Clara it will be exciting, will I be allowed to see where I have been before, when I was incarnated here the last time. It will all come to you as you are whit me or all the cats that are among me in my work. They arrived to Merlin’s place and Clara stood as stoned She had never seen anything similar. The most beautiful little fairy tale castle, where the magical rites jumped out. She could actually fell how many inventions had been born here. Wonder what I shall experience here. They went in and Clara found her among many other cats. She was well accustomed to this from her home and connected it not whit something special.

Merlin led her into a room where some cats were starting to put some crystals in a certain formation. Clara stared sudden some of the crystals began to float in the air, they changed position and fell slowly to the ground again in a new place. One cat named ruffle, approached Clara and said there was disorder in the energies among the crystals I just had to change that. After this experience, began Clara to look at how it really looked here in Merlin’s house, when she had been out of the house a little while ago, it looked like a castle, but new that she had come in, she could see that it was a small house, as a magic way could enlarge itself depending on what it was used for. It was as if the walls changed in a weird way. Merlin told that he had a kind of office up in the pointy thorn that Clara had seen from the outside. It was a place that few cats came up, but now Clara should come. They floated into a room which went down seemed Clara. It was a long hallway that went down and still down, it was as if it would never stop going down. But whit a bang stooped it and they stood in a large room filled whit all sorts of weird things that Clara never had seen before. There was a big monster, you could go into, here one could correct his chakra and take a color healing.

Another place was a machine which could send you back to the planet or star you came from in the universe. There was a board whit many test tube and coupler lying. On another there were lying herbs, flowers and flower drops. Clara just had to dilate his night cat eyes up here was a bit dark, it was like they were down in a stone warehouse of some sort, the walls were of white stone and the flour was also, and there were cobweb here. But most of all Clara felt itself curious. Merlin said we’ll start manufacturing a ceremony for the evening’s quest, who will come down her to us. Clara thought, how do they get in here, there is no door, maybe they come in the same way as we came. But Merlin replied they do not come in the same way as us, because it is secret. You will find out later, when you together whit two of my cats, will be those offering people welcome. But let’s just go through the ceremony first. Ruffle and eight other cats will put crystals on the floor to start whit, there will be people who I will tell where to stand, then will Ruffle brand for energy in space and the crystals will change, as you saw when you came into my house. They will soar to the places and to people who need the right crystal. I will stand in the middle whit my magic staff in my hand. We will summon the divine energies form Andromeda galaxy and God’s purest love energies. You Clara will see you as a transformed and appear in the energies that you had when you were incarnated here last.

Time forward came and Clara where told to sit outside in a beautiful garden, which ranged up to a small mountain. Clara could not quite understand why they should sit here, she could not see any door, but did it anyway. The first began to arrive they were dressed in different colored robes. Some were green, blue, white, red and orange. Clara asked one cat as she sat whit the meaning of the different colors of robes. The black cat replied, the green is educated novices, the blue Adept, the white inaugurated, the red/orange is magicians and dark blue is an Alta. The tow cats looking at each of the arrived, they saw though their hole bodies to sense whether they had the right energy, then they were allowed to enter.

Out of tin air opened up a door and they went inside. Clara stared where did the door come from, she asked both cats, they answered, it opens when we ask about it, how do you do it, we have a certain energy we send out into the air, that makes the door opens, what kind of energy asked Clara, you know, fell the energy, Clara could fell that the air was filled whit love and she was aware of what happened. Both cats’ bodies where so filled whit love energy that it automatically got the door to go up, jet was Clara not totally convinced, so she sat down and let herself be let into the energy and after a while she could feel this energy throughout her body, and slowly she found out that there was also a magical movement in both cats’ tails, so that the door’s magnetic field could open and the door jumped open. It was a clever way to get the door open Clara thought.

Now it was time for Clara to go into the underground temple. What there were in here was overwhelming and beautiful, but at the same time there was a sense of recognition. Many of the crystals floated around in the air, Clara could see angels who faced single cat they helped the cats to keep the energies pure in each crystal. The people in the room took their special place in withheld to the magical device. Clara could see how she herself had popularized the same way in her past life in Atlantis she also had been a cat that had led such ceremonies. Each participant was now completely still and got healing and learning from Andromeda galaxy. As this evening was over asked Merlin Clara, what she thought of this ceremony and Clara answered, I felt completely at home, I have done this before, Merlin said, you have. But tomorrow you must go out and experience a stone circle and visit a lady who is dying. You must witness a surrendering of a physical body to enter into the inner worlds. Clara thought it sounded exciting.

The next morning arrived and Clara was ready to take with Merlin to a stone circle which was a small piece away from Merlin’s house. They roses up on his travel board and went away. They arrived just in time for a name ceremony for a young child. It was the elf people who mad this ceremony. Merlin told, when Simon was incarnated in Atlantis he lived whit an elf family. Everybody how helped in the ceremony where dressed in green robes, they was not novices, but instead it was a special elf costume that was used when there was a child who would be named. People said hallo and welcomed the baby to this land, at the entrance of the stone circle. Thereafter they went into the stone circle. With head bowed to great the natural beings, that were present in the stone circle. They each took their special place in relation to the four corners of the universe. A senior priestess walked into the middle of the circle and said welcome to the altar and up from the ground rose, a great stone which should be used to name the baby. The priestess said, I greet you new soul, welcome to your new physical body here on this physical planet called mother Earth. We welcome your abilities here on Atlantis may your skills prove to be useful and with Divine spark for the benefit of all beings in our society. We will now work whit the highest and purest Alta and inaugurated to get your name for this incarnation.

An Alta and an inaugurated entered the circle to help name the child. Clara could now see the two people and a cat come into the circle. Their where silent for a moment and all concentrated on sending the right energies to the child. And after a while, they all three came up whit a name for the child. The baby’s name is Martinga they said. Martingas eyes lit up and you could sense how Divine love energy was flowing through her body. All in the stone circle congratulated the child one by one. Then they thank the universe for brining this particular soul to them. Finally they said thank to all the beings and angels for having participated and went out of the circle again, to thank the circle for participated in the name ceremony. Clara was quite grateful to have been involved. But she would like to talk whit the cat who, had help in the ceremony. Clara asked the cat what its work consisted in, it replied that its task was to help keep the energies in the ceremony and in each participant so that the whole was in line whit the Divine energies and the new soul consciousness awakening here in Atlantis and that the soul’s abilities could be consumed when it was time for it.

It was much thought Clara, could a cat do it alone, Merlin answered Clara, the cat did it not alone it had help from the two other people who named the child, also from all the other participant’s. They helped to embody the energies, but new we must go to the lady who is dying. Clara thought could yourself decide when you want to die. You can said, Merlin. But here it is not to die, we call it to go over, sense it is a state you are in and it’s just our physical body in change and it dies  and our soul steps forward and leave this physical earth, but do we disappear completely Clara asked, no, said Merlin, our soul can still need to be around them were leaving, but many here on Atlantis will go back to planets and stars who we come from before we incarnated on Mother Earth. Some will be on the inner planes, as they are called, here we can look back on our lives to learn something and be whit others who have left the physical world to incarnate again when it is time for it. Us who first came to Atlantis can dematerialize us and materialize us again when we want, those who came later are born as you are today on Earth.

They both stood up on Merlin’s travel board and went to a temple, which is used to leave Atlantis. . The elderly lady, named Marta, was a sweet lady seemed Clara. Marta told Clara that she was ready to leave Atlantis, because she had fulfilled all her chores and wants for this incarnation. Clara asked Marta if she knew all her past and future incarnations yes said Marta. Clara thought, it sounds exciting and could now see a link in all she knew and wonted to ask Merlin. Merlin replied that he could not help her because he was not certain of her incarnation cycle and that it was karmas lord that decides over her live. So thought Clara, can I ask them. Merlin said, I do not think you can, but see if you can get an answer, when we begin to help Marta over. Merlin asked Clara if she would sit next to Marta and asked Marta put a hand on Clara, why must Marta do this asked Clara, it’s because you need to be a bridge between two worlds, our physical and spiritual, you find it easier to connect because you have a higher spiritual connection than Marta has. Clara thought, but Marta lives here on Atlantis, I’m just visiting. But Merlin assured her that she could easily do.

They started and Merlin asked the angles to come and help him. He formed a light path that Marta could pass though, Merlin asked Marta to leave her physical body to become pure soul again, he said of pure love has your soul come to this earth and of pure love, your soul leave this earth to enter into the heavenly worlds and reappear when your soul considers it is time for this again. It was as if heaven and earth opened up and the whole room was in a sea of fire light. Marta’s soul began its ascent to the inner worlds, simultaneously so Clara how karma’s lord was waiting for Marta, here so Clara her change to contact them to clear up Clara’s incarnations on earth. But she stopped again, because it was so large blackthorn what happened and Clara did not really want to change the energy that was present. It had to wait, she thought. Moreover, she could sense that something happened to her body, but especially her chakras, all the way up and down her body ran messages for her to clean old and unusable feelings, thoughts and energies.

Marta turned suddenly to Clara, you must help me the last piece into the inner worlds. Clara was a little puzzled, but could sense her soul leave the room and go to Marta. There was a confusion whit Marta, she had expected her father would wait for her here on the inner planes. But he was not here and Marta asked Clara if she could find him for her and accompany her to him. Clara did not doubt for a second and sent a thought to the angel who stood a little distance away from them and immediately came Marta’s father and Marta got a happy look on her face, who was now  changed to the young Marta, so her father could recognize her. Clara discovered that she was back in her body again and Merlin stood whit a satisfied expression on his face, it was good for you, you knew how to help Marta in her difficult transition. You did not hesitate for a second and it was good. Clara was pleased whit herself. What a day it had been, what would the next day be.

To be continued in the next edition of The Magic Happens.

About author

This article was written by Irene Nielsen

My name is Irene Nielsen. I have always had a close contact with animals therefore I would like to write about them and their vast visdom and love. I communicate whit them and helps them in their lives on earth and the people around them. I want to help open the hearts of humanity for the animals so that we once again can live in harmony whit each other on Mother Earth. I also have contact with the elfes and nature beings.


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