The Mosaic of the soul, the warp and woof of life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Spirit is unified and eternal, entangled with God in perfection. The body on the other side is imperfect, earthly and corruptible and bond to perish after a handful or two of decades. Heaven and Earth, eternity and the blink of an eye, two contrast that contradict each other, annihilate each other in the same way that endlessness contradicts time. The one is being, the other is becoming.

But they have a connection or bridge. The bridge of heaven and earth is the soul of man. Between these two, the soul is moving back and forth in the daily, monthly, yearly and life cycles. It moves between the earthly awaken state and the dream world each day. Every month is moves from the outgoing full moon to return to the night and rebirth in the new moon. Each year, between the out going life of summer and the inward cold and dark winter times and each life between this life and the life on the other side we cross that bridge.

Skjermbilde 2015-07-21 kl. 11.13.14The soul is a diver, a bird and explorer collecting experiences and putting them together into the mosaic of life. This is the souls piece of art. Slowly gently beautifully different pictures are becoming whole, some pieces are missing and it takes time before the deeper meaning is appearing, some pieces are from other pictures that are not yours and the best you can do is to leave them. Some pieces we pick up again and again and again until we master them or see them in a bigger perspective and can move on.

As your mind is getting chunks of understanding and information that is more connected than fragmented, it weaves them together. The mind turns fragments to understanding, to a higher perspective and ends up with wisdom. The interplay of warp and woof is like the interplay of the external and internal world. As you exchange with the world the picture is woven into a nice carpet in your soul.
Thought by thought you gain a deeper understanding and so is wisdom born. You are on the road tyo wisdom.
The Wise is experienced and old through having woven the carpet before. The mosaic of the mind is the seed of the carpet of wisdom.

As your heart is getting pleasure or joy and pain or grief, it opens and closes. Time after time it learns to find the balance between getting closer or more distant to others. The balance between you and the other, between the ego and the all is challenged again and again. Slowly the feeling of being as wonderful and loveable as anybody else or the feeling that you want as much good for your fellow man as for yourself, or that you love your peer as yourself gives a feeling of equality a balanced or detached love. This is the mosaic of the heart, the warp and woof of the carpet of love. Experience by experience, piece by piece the mosaic is getting into a beautiful balanced picture with enough facets of relating to finally balance yourself in your own centre, to see that the distance to your periphery is the same as to anybody’s core. Love is balances relation to everything, love gives beauty.

As the thinking matures the mosaic of all the thoughts in your mind weave a carpet of wisdom. As the feelings mature the mosaic of all your feelings weave a carpet of love. Between them in the daily life of feelings and thoughts, love and wisdom are the warp and the woof of the carpet of truth. Nothing is truthful unless it is complete, unless it has both love and wisdom. Every piece of your mosaic represents you with facets of a truthful crystal. A crystal we just need time to perceive in its wholeness and unity.

When you can take each piece of the mosaic in your life, either blissful or painful and see it is both full of love and wisdom then truth takes place in your soul. And truth gives you freedom! Enjoy the magic!



This mystery was also known to the Egyptians.
The Egyptian Goddess Neith is the symbol of weaving on all levels.
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She was called “Mother of all“, “Seamstress of the Cloth of Life“, “Ruler of Arrows” and “Mistress of the Bow

She is an ancient God, called “The Eldest, the Mother of the Gods, who shone on the first face
This reminds of the creation in Genesis (1:2) The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

She is also regarded as the “The Highest Judge”. In her temple (which do not remain) Plutarch said we could read this inscription: “I am all that hath been, and is, and shall be; and my veil no mortal has hitherto raised.”

In the western tradition we can see her analogy to Saturn, Binah, Karma and more than anything the Akashic record. The primordial sea that records every action, feeling or thought, that just longs to come back to its peaceful silent surface the day you return to the void, nirvana or ain.

If you involve yourself in a lot of things there is more to evolve. If you involve in nothing you stagnate. The art is to select and choose what to engage in.

Her symbol was the bee, the symbol of Pharaoh or the master. The bee just takes the most beautiful essence from the flowers and also helps its fertilisation or growth. Just like the master in life only relates to the highest aspects of others and helps them grow. The art of involving is like picking the best pieces only for the mosaic of life. If you want a beautiful carpet you need to select the right tread and colours.

Neith protected you in the Duat or Dwat or other side, the underworld or spiritual world with her arrows. If you have aquiered wisdom, love or other virtues you are protected. What you select is what you have. What you have is what can protect and guide you.

Neith is the carpet of your life, your mosaic, what you have selected to have in your life.

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Post postludium – For the linguist
Her name is the sea-wave hieroglyph or letter N with the little cake or bread T (See illustration)
N is central in Nw the primordial waters and Nw.t time it makes genitive and the conjunctive particle for, then and preposition for, to, on account of, in. It can be read as because.
We both see the weaving and entangling nature here. It connects, it is involved, it describes causation. It contains the consequence or interconnections.

But it is also used for no and not or as a particle of negation, with its untangling or unravelling quality.

N i like the tread in the weave, interconnecting or unravelling, the ripples of all your experiences, light and sound or opening and closing of doors on all levels.

T is a cake, loaf or bread, the final result, or your daily bread. It is the feminine article. It signifies a mater-realization. We see it in the word ta ground, land, soil, dust, earth, world. Or piece, particle and portion. It is also seen in words for frontier, boundaries, strangers, skin as a limiting, materialisation. Or in words for splitting, cutting, kill, sword, as well as collecting, putting together or belongings. T is the material result, the surface that defines and limits, the content.

Together we see how N weaves and connects your experiences into the manifested result T, that is Neith for you.

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