The Musings of the Lady @ Greyhouse

As I sit to write this column, it takes on its own journey – of self-discovery, and generally allowing the world at large into my small corner of it.

Life at GreyHouse has its mundane chores as one would expect (laundry, dishes, meals to cook, cleaning, gardening and planting etc) – yet in my view, each of these can be full of magick and more if we let them.

The daily routines become sacred tasks to honour my Ancestors and the Olde Ways.  Dishes are washed and meals are cooked, like at everyone’s home, but I am ever aware of the opportunity to do each with reverence and joy.

It is in being grateful and gracious for the abundance you have around you, that you send out this gratitude to the Universe – honouring the lessons passed down from mothers & fathers and their ancestors before them.

Each meal, no matter how simple or extravagant can be made to be a work of magick of its own – carefully cutting and chopping, stirring and blending ingredients to create something special for family, friends.  When it is a conscious choice the results are oft-times (usually) the best meals ever!

It is that same principle that applies to other chores (the mundane, if you will) – you know – hanging laundry outside in a perfect, sunny & breezy day to let the air & sun bring freshness to the clothes, tidying up after meals, dusting and general cleaning round the home.  If you consider it to be a task that reflects the Ancient Ways, done thousands of times in ages past and consider it to be an honour, then you have reveled in the work done by ancestors and showed pride in the doing.

Working on the gardens has taken on new meaning as we have a little more land to work with, and plant a variety of foods that we actually grow for ourselves to harvest as Autumn arrives.

Tending to tomatoes, beans, chard & more bring the satisfaction that gardeners know when they can reap from the harvest food items for the coming winter months – and that too brings the “chore” of canning & freezing for those months (another task I delight in undertaking). Making jams & chutneys and such. These skills hearken back to the days of old and bring me close to the heritage of my roots (My Mum would be proud!)

For me, it is important to think of these mundane, everyday chores as such – this for me is a luxury that makes me happy and very grateful – I consider it a gift that I am healthy enough and now have the time to call my own to do the things that need doing, on my own terms – when I want and how I want.

For many do not have this gift – busy working lives and more that mean squeezing the chores into a few short days here and there (weekends perhaps).  Then it would seem the chores are in  a “get it done” mode, with no real time to honour the task, if one wanted to!

Not many people feel as I do, I would suspect about the home chores, and I’m sure wonder why I consider it so special.

Once the daily things are in order, I also have the gift of spending time on some of the other pursuits that bring me joy:

Learning the ways of the chocolatier and developing a line of chocolates that I am proud to say are hand-crafted

Creating artisan bath salts & other products

Some musical pursuits (albeit local fun & frivolity) which are a treat

So this is what many of the days @ GreyHouse are like… I hope this has given you a small glimpse of what life is like here…

Now… how ‘bout that cup of tea?

Till we chat yet again…I hope you have enjoyed the Musings of the Lady @ Greyhouse


Blessings from my hearth to yours xo


About author

This article was written by Suzanne Jacques

61 year old Kitchen Witch following the Olde Ways of my ancestors, Mum of 2 grown kids (a son and a daughter), currently "semi-retired" (creating handcrafted artisan bath salts & scrubs, budding chocolatier and finally returning to write the pages of a book my husband and I started almost 10 years ago). Have just begun to rekindle the Olde Ways of Divination, offering Tarot readings and more, new for GreyHouse this year Still adjusting to life in rural Nova Scotia and all that entails, rejuvenating the home we have named GreyHouse ... I am proud to say I am a Reiki Master (twice over), usually adding the energies of various crystals when working on a healing session.... More about me as time goes!!....


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: June 1, 2014

    I would LOVE to sit down to enjoy a cup of tea with you, thank you for the inviting invitation!

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