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I sit and begin this journal today, laundry out on the line to dry with the glorious sun and breeze that is abundant , and today’s usual hob duties well in hand – tonight’s tea will be sorted a little later on, you know.. the daily comings and goings of life in rural Nova Scotia – last month just seemed to have gotten away from me – computer issues, down with sickness and the like and regrettably I had to miss a journal entry for May…

I hope that you will forgive my absence and continue to keep the faith in joining me here by the hearth June is shaping up to be a very active month! We have our 2nd Annual Summer Solstice Bash planned for June 20th and have family and friends coming to share in the festivities – good food, some libations, some music and even better company is on the agenda!

From by TimWilson

From by TimWilson

The next day I’ve planned an English Tea Brunch Celebration on the porch (weather cooperating) in honour of my daughter & her fiancé , to welcome our new grandchild, who is due to make his appearance end of August!

Summer is going to be filled with many pleasures – day trips, a little gardening, taking time to rejuvenate the gardens and build them up once again, so that next Spring, we can begin anew, with planting of some herbs and veg that we like to grow here…

It’s hard to believe that we have lived in “the wee village” for 4 years now (May 27th to be exact) and just when you think you’ve figured it all out, a new facet , a new layer to the day-to-day unveils itself! An adventure to be sure!

Yet, we are settling in quite reasonably, with some truly cherished friends, learning (or rather remembering) skills long used by our Ancestors – my Mum and Gran would be proud, methinks.

Baking bread is de rigueur, jams and jellies created and canned, cookies almost entirely home-made (new flavour combinations and trials), and of course, whipping up the daily meal, with the help of a little “kitchen witchery” when I haven’t the faintest what to make!

Laundry days and tidying up the kitchen (I quite enjoy hand washing dishes – the warmth of the water soothes my “sometimes achy” joints (I now understand what Mum always said when “she could feel it in her bones” – rain on the way and low pressure systems) – ahh, the delights of being a Crone!

Life is good round this grande Lady Greyhouse – she’s welcomed my husband ( a Druid wizard , generations past) with her energy that has complemented our own lifestyle and demeanor.

So that brings me to the end of the tale today – methinks that perhaps if the sun graces our front porch, I shall make a cuppa and sit outside with a book for a wee spell…

Sometimes those moments of quiet weave their own magick so blissfully, that indeed it changes your mood, letting you embrace the wonder and awesomeness of all that you have! As my friend Catherine always says… “Dontch’a love the magick??”

So, if you are about, please do stop by and have a quiet cup of tea – the kettle’s on at the drop of a hat!! 😉
Blessed Be xo

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This article was written by Suzanne Jacques

61 year old Kitchen Witch following the Olde Ways of my ancestors, Mum of 2 grown kids (a son and a daughter), currently "semi-retired" (creating handcrafted artisan bath salts & scrubs, budding chocolatier and finally returning to write the pages of a book my husband and I started almost 10 years ago). Have just begun to rekindle the Olde Ways of Divination, offering Tarot readings and more, new for GreyHouse this year Still adjusting to life in rural Nova Scotia and all that entails, rejuvenating the home we have named GreyHouse ... I am proud to say I am a Reiki Master (twice over), usually adding the energies of various crystals when working on a healing session.... More about me as time goes!!....


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