The nature of life is change – by Annie Gelfand

The nature of life is change. It is what we choose to be and do with that change that seems to either assist us or hinder us depending on whether we resist and react, or go with the flow without making the change wrong.

How many of us have lived  resisting and reacting? That seems to be our default response. It’s “easy”.

But what if easy is over-rated and being at ease is our target?

My perspective of the difference between ease and easy is that ease is a way to be with the flow. Easy is having it our way. Ease is a path of no resistance. It is not about changing circumstances. It’s a choice we make about we BE with those circumstances.

Easy is resistance and reaction to what is. It’s fighting. It’s polarizing. And it creates separation.

So what is one to do when events and situations appear so adverse that being at ease seems next to impossible? Having just gone through a series of consecutive events that would have bowled over a normal person, here is where my “weird” takes over.

I have this weird point of view that what I think,  together with the underlying belief patterns are what run me, create my world. To the extent that I am conscious about what those are, I can choose something different. What does that mean? To the degree I know myself as an infinite being, where I truly live as infinite being, as not separate from anyone or anything is the degree to which I create my reality, I have the power to be the most creative presence in my life. I can create crap or I can create awesome. I’ve been stellar at creating crap. Don’t laugh. I bet you’re not bad either.

So what does this have to do with the difference between ease and easy?

The one thing I always control is my choice of how I respond to events.

When this series of what most people call calamity engaged with my life, I had a choice. I could fall apart and complain and tell the world how pathetic I am. OR I could ask questions of my best friend, the Universe. I could ask it, what is right about all this that I am not getting? I could use the multiplicity of tools I have picked up over my lifetime.  I got that I don’t have to expand and contract, give myself and take myself away- be me, not be me, be me, not be me – go to my head, go to my body, back and forth –

Does any of this make sense?

I can CHOOSE to be expansive. I can CHOOSE energetic, goof ball, intense, intuitive magic –  I can choose ANY energy – It really IS just a frickin’ choice.

To choose to always be expanded, to not separate, no matter what, to not create separation, to not retreat to my intellect, but to simply soften my whole body and allow it to beeeeeeeeeee!!!

Do you get the energy of that??

OK, so if you think I am totally off my rocker (and that’s ok if you do– you wouldn’t be the first —and this month is on the topic of weird, after all), in your mind, go to the beach, sit by a stream, walk in a forest, feel the energy of nature around you.

Do you feel your whole being soften, expand, become totally 100% present?


It’s about being expanded. It’s about softening. Choosing expansion. choosing to be the softness of being, like the current of the river over time cuts through rock, but not by force. Softly, over time.

Softness. Expansion. Choice. Does this sound like something you might like more of?


About author

This article was written by Annie Gelfand

Annie Gelfand, MBA, CPCC, MCC, CFMW --- Known by her clients as the "Intuition Whisperer", Annie is a "Professional Question Asker" and she will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, with remarkably intuitive questions which will facilitate your deep dive into your own awareness. She left a successful corporate career over three decades ago, and gave away everything she owned to study with a meditation master in the Himalayan Mountains of India for 8 years, as she is insatiably curious about life. Annie now works with both corporate and private teams, relationships and individuals, to offer a perspective that is much valued, and highly sought after. Working with Annie requires you to be devoted to making change happen. Annie has the gift of getting to the heart of the matter at the speed of light. Annie's credentials include: Master of Business Administration Degree, and over 30 years in business, Master Certified Coach credentialed member of the International Coach Federation. She is trained in Organization, and Relationship coaching, as well as being a Certified Professional Co- Active Coach. This trained Inner Systems Facilitator has almost 20 years experience as a coach, numerous volunteer board positions, and is a Co-designer/Co-Facilitator of the Master Coach Proficiency Mentoring Program. Annie assists her clients in identifying their “intuition”, the thing that gets them excited and engaged in their lives and to learn how to trust their inner wisdom. Trained in numerous healing modalities, Annie is also a speaker, writer, artist, reflexology instructor, professional question asker, cat-obsessed and creator of magnitude.


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