The Plan: An Interview with Gilbert Gallo Part II – by Hercules Invictus

Part II: The Mythos of Mythos
While Tiresias and the other Seers work on determining the identity of our invisible intruder, Gilbert and I continue with our conversation.

Hercules: What does the Mythos Core Setting Guide cover?

Gilbert: The Mythos Core Setting Guide is THE guide to fully dive into the Mythos universe. It features all the important concepts: the complete story line of the world, all necessary info to create your own character, a lot of geographical info and mythological references, a horde of mythological monsters and the description of some Royal Houses who strive for power (more can be found in the supplements). I was nearly forgetting that in the course book you will find the descriptions of the Gods, their roles in the Heavenly contest and how to anger or appease them. Don’t mess with the Gods, or you’ll regret it!

Hercules: Your words are wise my friend, would that mortals heeded them more!

I am about to ask about the Hero’s Handbook and Epic Gamemastering, when the apparition fully materializes. Our Mages and Sages ready their mageia, but I hold up my hand and bid them cease, for before us stands the wise Aaron T. Huss, Visionary Leader of Mystical Throne Entertainment. 

Aaron: The Hero’s Handbook and Epic Gamemastering books were actually a publishing decision. The core setting guide is a large, expensive full-color core rulebook in hardcover. To make it more affordable for players and the casual GM, The Hero’s Handbook and Epic Gamemastering books were published as lower cost, black-and-white paperbacks. The Hero’s Handbook contains all the player content from the core setting guide and Epic Gamemastering contains all the GM content (setting, background information, bestiary, adventures, etc.) from the core setting guide.

Hercules:Thank you very much Aaron. Please, help yourself to some food and drink. We are Greeks. There is still plenty of everything left.

Delicacies from the air are served us, and our beverages refreshed. A throne is then brought for Aaron, and he is treated with all the honor and respect due an honored guest. A sampler of all the food that had previously been presented to us is brought to him on a golden tray. Once he is settled, my conversation with Gilbert continues.

Hercules: I see that there are now a series of expansions as well! Can you tell us about Wine and Blood?

Gilbert: Wine and Blood is the first expansion of the Mythos universe and it’s mainly focused on Dionysus’s death and rebirth as Zagreus, who enters the Heavenly contest (up to that moment the only contestants were Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Hades and Poseidon). New “Dionisiac” character archetypes to play (and a new race: Satyrs), new mystery cults to join, new lands to explore (India is one of them!) and new monsters to face, never forgetting to have good time! Believe me, Zagreus’ followers are among the craziest and funniest characters ever made: imagine a Maenad who forces everyone around to dance the way she wants! If you thought “bard-like” characters were harmless, well, think again!

Hercules: What can you share about Queen of the Labyrinth?

Gilbert: No secrets for you, O Mighty Tamer of Cerberus! “Queen of the Labyrinth” is the second expansion of the Mythos universe focused on Hera, who decides to “secretly” join the heavenly contest after hearing the news of Zagreus racing for the Olympus throne (as you know well, she deeply hates every single child born from Zeus’s illicit affairs). It features new character archetypes (like summoners), new mystery cults to join, the playable Minospawn race and focuses on the Island of Crete and its magnificent Labyrinth. It features a great system to create/navigate into a maze (and hopefully come out alive) and a lot of info about this incredible masterwork of Daedalus.

Hercules: Truly epic! And the Battle of Thermopylae?

Gilbert: Battle of Thermopylae is a spin-off of the Mythos universe. It’s an adventure based on a question: what would have happened if the Heroes of the Heroic Age of Mythology faced the Persians at the Thermopylae? Face the Persians in this scenario where anything can happen and seize this unique chance to re-write history with your bravery!

Hercules: Are there plans to generate more Core Books or Expansions?

Gilbert: Actually, I’d like to write at least four more expansions, based on the four “missing” Olympians who will join the Heavenly Contest: Artemis, Hephaestus, Demeter and Hermes. There are a lot of mythological places and populations I’d like to describe: if need arises we can do more than four expansions.

Hercules: That would truly be awesome! How about creating even more Portals from other systems?

Gilbert: Personally, I like the idea of seeing how the Mythos world runs with different game systems. Of course I have my own preferences, but I think that every different system adds a little “flavor” to some aspects that are not focused in other systems. I would really see a D20 , Fate or Basic version of Mythos, but I’d play whatever other system. It’s amazing how a different game system can change the game experience even if you maintain the same setting, and I’ll be really curious to experience it in as many rule sets as possible.

Aaron: We cannot definitively answer if other systems will be explored or actually be developed.

Hercules: Thank you Aaron! Gilbert, what is your ultimate vision for Mythos?

Gilbert: My ultimate goal is to make a setting that shows the great features of Greek Mythology: the mood, the places and the characters (both human and divine ones). All RPGs take great amount of inspiration from Greek Mythology: monsters, gods, artifacts, power struggles. I think that nothing is like the original, so my dream is to let players shape their stories in the “original” scenario that inspired every subsequent one. In Mythos you can be a member of the Royal Houses who inspired most of the tragedies (for example, the Atreides) and play a game of power struggles that would dwarf every season of GoT. You can fight against the “true” minotaur in the “true” labyrinth, or face a “true” siren etc. That’s fantasy in its original, purest form!

Hercules: How can we best locate you, and follow your current deeds and growing legend?

Gilbert: First of all, I’ll be glad to wine and dine every single hero who comes to visit me in Italy! That’s how hospitality works in Mythos! Otherwise, you can be updated on our exploits following Mystical Throne Entertainment, the Mythos FB page, adding me as a FB friend or sending me an email to I welcome any opinion, comment or suggestion so don’t hold anything back!

Aaron: Fans can also learn about new Mythos developments in our monthly online newsletter, called the Throne Report, and products are available for purchase at the Mystical Throne Entertainment webstore, DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, Paizo, and d20pfsrd.

The crowd applauds loudly. Gilbert and Aaron’s timing proves impeccable as the warrior-chefs soon clang their long knives on the shield-shaped serving plates, signaling that dinner (roast Erymanthean boar) will soon be served. We rise from our thrones and mingle with the crowd as we make our way to the dining area.

NEXT: Epilogue

The Erymanthian Boar is indeed delicious! Gilbert and Aaron are a great hit with the crowd on Mount Olympus. Aaron informs us that he must leave to fulfill one of his many creative, visionary and decision-making responsibilities. It turns out that Gilbert also has other commitments. Aaron fades from view, and I seize the opportunity to ask Gilbert a few more questions whilst his chariot is being prepared.

To be Concluded…

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