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Locked inside our physical bodies we see the world though the medium of our five senses. This often leads us to question the notion that we have extrasensory abilities. Yet if you look hard enough you can see the evidence of such abilities in your own experience. Remember when you felt someone was standing behind you but when you turned around there was nobody there? Remember those times when you heard a noise yet were unable to work out where that noise came from? Remember when you had the same thought at the same moment as someone close to you? These are not random events. They are examples of your own clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathic capabilities.

moon-t-2-17Precognition is another unharnessed human ability. Back in 1992, I was studying at university in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in northern England. I was driving south to my parents’ house in Bournemouth to spend the Christmas holidays. About two hours into the drive a thick fog started to descend. I was used to this during the winter months but this time I felt a powerful sense of foreboding. Even though I wasn’t tired I made the decision to stop at a rest area and purchase a coffee. Having drained my cup I still felt a strong sense of unease. I ordered a refill. Twenty minutes later I set off on my journey again. A few miles down the road, I discovered there had been a fatal accident. Had I not stopped, I would have been involved. On 30th July 2003, my mother was on her deathbed. I knew the exact moment that she died even though I was on my way to see her at the time.

My sister also told me about her own precognitive experience.  On Saturday 17th December 1983, she was planning to do some Christmas shopping in London. All morning she was overcome with a sense of dread. Eventually she decided not to go. That afternoon at 1.21pm an IRA car bomb exploded outside Harrods killing six people and injuring ninety. Harrods had been one of the stores my sister had intended to visit.

A number of trials have been carried out on extrasensory skills in humans. These trials have yielded remarkable results. Controlled experiments were carried out in the 1990s and in 2008. These tests indicated that human intention had an effect on water crystals when water was frozen. In 2014 technology was used to send brain to brain communication between two test subjects on separate continents.

If you want to develop your extrasensory abilities, working with intuition can be a good place to start. You can begin by affirming your intention to  develop and trust in this sense. Know that your higher self is guiding you. Trust that your first thought is your best thought. Once you begin to let go of phoney beliefs about the concrete world, once you let go of doubt, once you release your fear of the unknown, once you welcome your extrasensory capabilities, more of them will open up to you. They are nothing new. They have been with you all your life.


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This article was written by Moon Laramie

Moon Laramie is an esoteric author and scholar in the mantic arts. He is a former advisor on health and well-being to the United Nations Children's Fund. He divides his time between London and Norfolk, England.


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