The Power of Determined Choice – by Patty Paul

I believe there is no such thing as THE TRUTH. Instead, I believe that each of us is a unique being on our own spiritual journey and the collection of beliefs we hold at any given time is our personal truth – that which makes sense to us based upon what we’ve learned and experienced to that point. There is always a higher, more empowering truth to reach for.

What makes sense to me, the foundation upon which I stand and the way I live my life, is based upon this truth: “I create my own reality. All of it. All of the time.”

The raw materials out of which I manifest my ever-changing realities are my thoughts and feelings, beliefs and attitudes, and choices and decisions. I have learned that choice – determined choice – is a powerful force that can spontaneously change my reality and redirect my life. However, before making a ‘determined choice’ comes wanting to change and a willingness to let go. I know that is true but sometimes my fingers are so tightly gripping a familiar and gnarly issue it takes more time and effort to pry them free. Lifetimes, in fact.

As I write this, the old and familiar issue I’ve been clinging to – but know I must release – is my relationship with the energies of chauvinism. I’m talking about the energies of chauvinism within me, the multidimensional, multifaceted being that I am. The more expansive and expanding spiritual being I truly am.

Those chauvinist energies – familiarly known as Judge, Critic, Self-righteous Authority, Arrogance, Martyr, Victim, Blamer, etc. – are reflections of aspects of me that appear up close in my personal life and out there on the world stage (where they are now in retrograde – seemingly heading backwards to the 1950’s and beyond).

It helps to understand that “chauvinism” means having beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings that keep alive the perception that “one thing is superior to another.” That is the basic premise of human consciousness manifesting the world at large (as it has been for eons) and it influences our personal consciousness.

The good news is: Human consciousness and human spirituality have been evolving toward a bright light. A brand new paradigm is on the horizon.

But back to me. My hot button issue is ‘male chauvinism.’ I’ve been at war with that infuriating reality in this and many other lifetimes, usually as a female. But I’ve experienced both sides of the conflict.

In my efforts to grow and change I have done many, many guided meditations in which I process my thoughts and feelings that are so frequently aroused by people and situations in my Patty Paul life. I’ve also done many more meditations to meet and understand those aspects of me who are living my other lifetimes, experiencing their own versions of male chauvinism.

My final step in every process is always to love, to embrace and to consciously integrate that aspect of me into the whole of who I am. Then I affirm: “I, the mature spiritual adult, am in charge of my life.”

The elements of chauvinism are living energies resonating within the multidimensional wholeness of the being I am. It is not for me to change them or try to eliminate them. Their value is in helping me to understand the conditions of being human so that I may love my whole self unconditionally.

The inherent battle within the energies of chauvinism is not over, nor will it ever end. It is time to simply leave the battlefield. Now, as I write this, I make the determined and empowering choice to do so – for beyond chauvinism, a new paradigm awaits.

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One sunny day in July 1985, after the end of another failed relationship, I sat myself down on my couch to figure out what had gone wrong. As I looked back over my life I recognized patterns I’d been repeating over and over since childhood. I realized right then that if my life was going to change, I had to change. In that moment I made a determined choice to find out how and what I needed to change within myself to have the kind of happiness and success I longed for. That profound choice opened a new door. Answers and info began to come my way within 24 hours - and my whole life changed direction. Since that pivotal moment, I have been dedicated to my own growth and change as a unique being on my own journey of self-discovery. Mine has been an accelerated metaphysical path...always seeking higher truths...and it has brought me increasing happiness, success, personal power and freedom. As a published author and public speaker, I love to share what I’m learning and experiencing. In addition to writing numerous magazine and newspaper articles, I authored the book: A NEW SPIRITUALITY: BEYOND RELIGION; and its Spanish translation: INTIMIDAD ESPIRITUAL. Currently I’m writing EXPLORING OTHER LIFETIMES: THE MEMOIR OF A SPIRITUAL BEING, which is expected to be published in early 2018. For more info about me and the feedback from readers, reviewers, viewers and workshop audiences, please visit: My website:; and my Facebook page: “LIVING WISDOM with PATTY PAUL - YouTube video channel” I am honored and enthusiastic to be a new author for “The Magic Happens.”


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  1. Patty Paul says - Posted: May 1, 2017

    I truly appreciate this message I received today:

    “What a delightful article. Discovering that one is creating the situations and actions of a lifetime can be shocking!!! Good job, Patty.” – Thomas Stamatelos

  2. Patty Paul says - Posted: May 6, 2017

    I’m grateful for these kind words about my article in the May issue of TMH magazine:

    “Wonderful Patty! Thank you for sharing.”
    – Amanda Mehalick, Manager of Awakenings Center for Conscious Living, Laguna Hills, CA

  3. Patty Paul says - Posted: May 10, 2017

    Another person who read my “The Power of Determined Choice” article emailed this message:

    “I enjoyed it (your article) very, very much indeed. You are making such a valuable contribution with your writings…” – Shawn Randall, Woodland Hills, CA

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