The Silent Laugh – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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In the esoteric tradition of the Kabbalah, laughter is connected with the highest levels of awareness that man can achieve called Hesed or Mercy. Also in the yogi tradition the term Samadhi indicates the highest level of consciousness is related to a state of bliss, an eternal joy.

I like to look at the different ways of laughing in connection with the vowels; a,e,i,o,u.

Imagine laughing Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……

The “a” is an open sound and hence creates an open laughter that connects. It is a laughter saying; we, us, everybody or even better A for All. It is big an including.

This is the LOL laughter.

A friend I had laughed just like that. It reflected a happy side of his personality, including, enjoying the common moment of joy. It created a feeling of us or even everybody.

The He, he, he, he-laugher is more cunning, it is almost saying; “look at him, what situation he ended in“, it is a more egoistic laughter of enjoying the suffering, shame or embarrassment of the other. This is the laughter of an evil plan or trick.

The Hi, hi, hi, hi-laughter is like “look, see, got it?” It is like a shared discovery but also mischievous in its nature. Like he he he it can be over the shame or embarrassment of others but it is more like; like poor him, or see, look at him.

The Ho, ho, ho ho-laughter is like ” did you see how we scared them“. This is like the older naughty laughing over the new comer that got tricked. It is like us and him.

The Hu, hu, hu, hu laughter is like bulling someone. It is like; “we got him, he deserves that“.

It is possible that this is slightly different in different countries like the sound of animals. In the UK the pig says Oink, in Norway Noeff, in Germany Grunz, In Japan Buu, In The Nederlands Knor, but as far as I have discovered these sounds are the same in other countries too.

But non of these are the silent laugh of the Buddha, they are different manifestations of external laugh, the internal laugh of the Buddha is like H… h…. h….. h…… h……..

In Hebrew the letter A or Aleph is silent and can be the symbol of many sounds.
The silent laughter is like the Ha, ha, ha-laughter without sound. I like to think about it as a laughter that includes it all, in a joyful, blissful state or like a laughter that does not express itself outwardly but is expanding from within to the whole universe.

The magic happens now!

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