The Spiritual Path of Entrepreneurship – by Flora Elmore

Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual calling that will quickly get you very clear about what you value most about your life.  Most people think that entrepreneurs go into business for themselves to make loads of money.   The fact is that it takes extreme amounts of discipline, leadership, and commitment to a bigger vision to be successful in the world of self-employment.

My entrepreneur journey began about five years ago when I decided to bring my word of mouth business out into the bigger world wide web.  I thought I understood what I wanted to achieve through my evolving business, but I learned that my soul had other ideas.  Over the next five years, I accelerated my soul’s expansion, a thousand-fold.  I faced fears about failing, deeply rooted family expectations and labels, relationships, and money.  I also had to deal with strange health issues that would come up as a form of self-sabotage just as I was about to pierce the veil of leveling up in my business.

The first two years were about finding my way and learning the technical side of having a business on-line.  It was a way to have small successes.  Each time a web page got designed, or the website was updated felt like I had just earned another college degree.  I realized that I was the kind of person who wants to know how all the parts work before I expect someone else to do the job.  I needed this understanding to feel safe that if a contract employee called in sick or quit, then I would not be left hanging trying to figure out how things worked.  I am glad I learned the technical side of my business. At the same time, I had a whole lot of healing that had to be done around:

  • betrayal
  • abandonment
  • trust
  • and fear of not being in control

Every time one of these themes would pop up in my mind, Spirit would nudge me to make a note of it in a little book I carried around with me.  During my quiet morning time, I would journal about the themes coming up in my emotional body then I would use Emotional Frequency Tapping  (EFT) to get to the root of where that theme was coming from in my past. The result of this healing work was subtle, and I noticed the significant shift that happened one day when I didn’t think twice about asking someone for help on an area of my website that needed an update.  I had finally started trusting the Universe to help bring me the right and perfect persons to help with my business.

During the third year, I jumped the hurdle of being judged by my parents and grandparents for going into a business that they saw as ridiculous.  Unless I had a college degree to back up my work or it was a company that provided good benefits, then it was not a real job.  What they did not realize that I had invested nearly as much in training and working with mentors to learn mediumship and healing as I did to get my Bachelor’s degree.  I had to heal the labels, expectations and stories attached to my family.  I did so much self-exploration of why I was doing this business, who I wanted to help and what my business needed to do to help those people.

I also went through a dark period of releasing my preconceived notions of what success looked like.  I found that I was operating my business based on corporate ideals of achievement and my family’s expectations of success which were pulling up those original fears of failure.  I walked away from that year with a clear vision of my BIG WHY and I was on a mission to successfully manifest that vision in a BIG way using my rules and inviting the Universe to be my business partner.  For me, this was a giant leap forward in my spiritual progress because it let me step out of my family’s expectations and allowed me time to do some healing forgiveness work with myself for operating under false expectations.

As my entrepreneurial mission and vision became clearer, I started to get tested by Spirit to see if this was what I wanted to do with my life.  The first test came in the form of the kinds of people seeking my services.  I went through a phase in my business where everyone that called me wanted a quick fix to their problems and did not want to take responsibility for their life.  It was frustrating to deal with, but then I woke up and realized that I was attracting people frantic to fix their life. They did not want to do the self-development necessary to move past their problems.  They were operating on the same definitions of success that I used to be operating under.   I spent about six months working with Spirit to cleanse what was attracting quick fix folks who were not ready to ascend into higher states of consciousness.

I started developing a vision board with the words that describe the types of people that I loved to work with and I also defined the boundaries of my business on that board.  For instance, identifying when breakthroughs happened for my clients, then providing them resources to keep up their work once they were ready to move on from my services.

This exploration helped me get a better perspective on my friendships and family.  I began to see that some of my clients had become trusted friends and some of my friends were customers taking advantage of my services.  I redefined my friendships and opened my heart to have more friends. I also got strict about my services and how I interact with clients versus friends.

Finally, the last year has been about the money.  I know lots of people in the spiritual arts world who don’t want to talk about money because they have set up some seriously negative connotations around trading money for spiritual services.  I handled that negative programming a long time ago.

Instead, this year was about piercing that veil to up-level the quality of classes and training I provide.  I also decided to hire additional help for my mediumship sessions to help me record the sessions, so they are available on my website.   Just like investing in your spiritual health by taking classes, I invested in my business by taking classes with heart-centered creative teachers.  It turned out not to be about how much money I earned but about how much I was willing to invest in expanding the consciousness of my business.  I woke up this year to the idea that if I invest a little more in the systems, my understanding and the presentation of what I offer then people will invest in me to help them.  Spirit brought me this powerful lesson that it was truly about my business reflecting my self-worth through investment.

I don’t know what next year will bring for my business and what the pattern of learning will show up that needs attention.  I do know that I have never felt closer to the divine and trusted my instincts more than I do now.  My relationships with my family and friends are stronger from this process.  I am clear about where I would like my business to go with the Universe by my side.

If you are thinking about going into business for yourself, I say, “go for it.”  Be ready to face your biggest fears, heal old programming, and find the courage to consciously create the business of your dreams.

About author

This article was written by Flora Elmore

Let me quickly introduce myself, I am Flora Elmore. I am a full time practicing Soul Shaman living in Northeastern Oklahoma, USA. I have been in the practice of soul healing since 1990 when I graduated college with a degree in Music Therapy. Over the last 26 years, I have grown my practice to include a variety of services. Most of them you will find on my website. ​ For the last 15 years, I have been sharing my experience & expertise through teaching others this beautiful tradition of energy and soulful healing. About five years ago, I brought my courses to the on-line platform. I would love to hear from you so please feel free to reach out through email anytime.


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  1. Rhea Dopmeijer says - Posted: June 3, 2017

    Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual calling that will quickly get you very clear about what you value most about your life. Most people think that entrepreneurs go into business for themselves to make loads of money. The fact is that it takes extreme amounts of discipline, leadership, and commitment to a bigger vision to be successful in the world of self-employment. <3 love the intro thanks Flora

  2. Linda Lang says - Posted: June 14, 2017

    Great article Flora! And it’s so true!! I had no idea how all-encompassing having business would be. It’s as demanding as being a parent but it doesn’t grow up and move out!! And all your limiting beliefs and unresolved issues pop up and expose themselves. Challenging but great news when you’re interested in doing your personal work. Onlookers really have no idea… You ROCK Flora!!

    • Flora Elmore says - Posted: June 14, 2017

      Thank you Linda – It is like a child that never moves out. Plus it triggers all those rules you set up for yourself to be perfect or labels that challenge the norm. I find myself telling people that my spiritual practice is being an Entrepreneur.

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