The Storm Is An Illusion – by Debbra Lupien

Today’s journey into the fifth dimension was a study in contrasts. It began with a vision of what some might call Armageddon and then morphed into the sort of reassuring, uplifting message you might expect. In the moment it was confusing.

This is the month when we in the United States are giving thanks. How is this message in any way, shape, or form appropriate? I wonder.

A voice says: “Tsk, tsk grasshopper, have faith. All will be revealed.”

So, there you have it dear reader. Hold on through the darkness and we’ll come out into the light together.

The most unusual river is flowing by. Like something out of the game Candyland, it’s made of pistachio ice cream.

This river flows smoothly and steadily with nary a hiccup. This river has purpose and focus. It will not be swayed. It is the river of life. Tasty and a little nutty, that sounds about right.

The sun is shining down. It’s a bright orange, like jelly candies, although it’s muted today. I see it, but can’t feel the warmth or see the light glinting off objects. It’s like the rays are passing into a black hole with no reflection. As I stand witness, all the life and vitality are being slowly sucked out of the sun leaving a gray ball of ash. Hopelessness, that is the feeling in this moment.

The world has grown dark and cold without the sun. Everything is upside down,

topsy turvy

Mother Earth tries valiantly to hold on, but without the balancing energy of the sun she is rocking on her axis until finally she breaks free of the minuscule gravitational field that remains and goes hurtling through space. This causes massive energetic ripples across her surface. Tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanoes awakening and spewing forth their hot, searing breath. Buildings topple, people run about screaming. It’s like Chicken Little’s worst nightmare, except there is no sky to fall, only the darkness of space.

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this vision. You’ve assured me in the past that the Earth will not be destroyed and yet that’s what this seems to represent,” I mightily complain.

A gentle shaking “no” of the head by the guide on duty. “Appearances are deceiving,” he reassures. With a flourish of his arm (like swiping an electronic device) the vision of darkness and despair is replaced with a warm sunny vista.

There is now green grass with placid little lambs peacefully grazing whilst orange butterflies flit from one flower to another, happily savoring nectar until they are sated.

One little lamb, lifts her head from the sweet grass to admire the butterflies. She runs and hops in delight inviting the butterflies to play. They indulge her by swooping down and around her head just out of reach of her playful hooves.

As the butterflies move on to their next feeding area, the little lamb follows, totally oblivious that she’s leaving the safety of her flock behind. By the time she stops to look around at her surroundings the light has begun to recede and she finds herself in a wooded area with some scary sounds emanating out.

She goes into a panic and is just about to scream for her mama when she stops realizing that would be a bad idea. She doesn’t want to call attention to herself. She’s a sensible girl and forces herself to take some deep breaths and look around for a solution. The butterflies are gone replaced by crickets that have begun their nightly serenade.

The crickets are calming and she gives thanks for their reassuring company. It’s not like they could help her still she’s comforted nonetheless.

As the light dwindles further, she realizes that the smart choice would be to find a place to spend the night. It needs to be somewhere that her white coat won’t call attention and it would nice if it was also comfortable.

As she contemplates her options, the full moon makes an appearance. Now she feels even more vulnerable and quickly seeks cover underneath the boughs of a very large blue spruce tree. It’s like a grand old lady wearing a full-skirted ball gown and lamb feels safe enough to snuggle down and get some sleep.

She’d only been asleep for what seemed like moments when a wolf howled nearby. It startles her out of sleep and she begins to shake in terror. Surely the wolf will sniff her out and have her for dinner.

She takes another couple of deep breaths, says a little prayer to the great lamb Creator that she might survive the night and return to her flock where she promises never to stray from again.

Creator who is keeping an eye on things responds by sending an energy bubble to protect her. As the bubble surrounds her she feels safe and drops off into a deep slumber where she dreams of happy times with her friends and family. Many predators pass by her that night. They catch her scent but are unable to locate her despite ratcheting up their sniffers full throttle. They spend the night in great frustration. Where the heck is that delicious morsel that is tickling their taste buds in anticipation of a feast?

And so it is, that these two realities coexist side by side without crossing paths because of Divine intervention. The faith of a little lamb who turned to her inner wisdom and sought out shelter in a place she was intuitively drawn to. The grandmother spruce who’s fragrance served to mask the scent of little lamb. Finally calling out to Creator in her time of need, breathing, relaxing and allowing herself to receive exactly what she needed. It turned out to be one of the most restful sleeps she ever had. One day she might be dinner for a hungry wolf, but on this night she was safe.

In the morning, she awoke to the song of birds and the sun’s rays reaching between the tiny spaces in Grandmother Spruce’s branches.

She stretched and for a moment was disoriented. Where was she? And then it all came flooding back. The events of the night before, her plea to Creator and the protection of Grandmother Spruce. She had much to be grateful for. She felt loved and cherished. It was a very good feeling. She was brought out of her reverie by the faint calls of… sheep!

It was her flock! She was so excited she raced out leaping with joy on her way to being reunited.

Little lamb received quite a scolding from her mother while her siblings were excited to hear the details of her adventure. Mother’s scolding gave way to celebratory baas and nuzzles as she rejoiced in her little one’s safe return. No worse for wear, well, except for that sticky sap residue from Grandmother Spruce, a souvenir of her adventure.

As the flock moved on together, little lamb was asked to relate her story over and over until the other little ones had heard and memorized every detail.

Little lamb would become famous among her flock as it was unheard of that a lamb could wander away and miraculously return. They had never expected to see her again — at least alive.

*  *  *

So what are you to learn from the tale of little lamb? Your Creator wants you to know without a shadow of a doubt how loved and cherished You are.

If you will, follow little lamb’s example: keep your wits about you during times of trouble, breathe, relax, allow, tune into your inner wisdom, follow your intuition, ask for and accept help.

Don’t slip into panic mode for that does not serve you. Look for assistance and it will come. Your guides are ever at the ready to lend their support. They will aid you with whispered guidance, intuitive knowing, or perhaps little nudges in the right direction. They will be your eyes when you cannot see, your ears when you cannot hear, your GPS to find your way home. They will never let you down, not even if you have steadfastly ignored them — forever. Know Beautiful Soul that the very moment you awaken and ask for help they will oblige. That’s how they are wired.

“Rest now beloved. Slumber as if angels watched over you for they do. Sweet dreams!”

The message concludes.

Now that’s a heartwarming little fairy tale from the fifth dimension. But how is it connected to the vision of Armageddon where we began?

The answer is that it all comes back to choice.

If we choose to go into fear mode, panicking, and running about like Chicken Little then our reality may very well feel like Armageddon — hopeless.

The message: Breathe, Relax, Allow, has come through repeatedly of late. In these times of turmoil let this be your fall back mantra. Make it a touchstone. Your default position so that when challenges come you will naturally slip into this way of being rather than panic and fear.

There are more layers to this message, there always are. I would love to hear your interpretation. Please feel free to comment below or email.

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