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It’s a jungle out there if you are an Indie Author!  At least this is how it seems for many who attempt to make their mark in world of writing, publishing and promoting books. There is so much to learn not only about what to publish, but where, how and with whom. Are there others out there going through the forests same as you? Is there anyone around who can help you feel a bit more secure and less alone? Might someone be able to help you avoid the pitfalls and traps? There are snakes in much of that tall grass so the more you know, the more likely you are to learn how to swing from tree to tree without leaving yourself to die on the vine.  It would be divine to have a guide, someone who knows the ropes or at least where to find one that can hold you…  Heck, even Tarzan and Clint Eastwood partnered with primates and look what it did for their lives!  Writers, be of good cheer, for The Story Reading Ape (TSRA) is at your service.


This monkey means business! His blog is an around the clock Visitor Center with plenty of useful, free information. Authors are invited to gather there, to find the great reads, connect with support services and even have a good laugh. TSRA has created a place where not only can the weary traveler can feel welcome but the wise can store their information like low hanging fruit for those thirsting for knowledge. Many are the honored guest Authors, Editors, Bloggers and Support Organizations who have been immortalized in his Halls of Fame.

So, why does TSRA aka Chris Graham do this? Because he can! He is a “chimpion” of all things literate and a wild man for a good story!  He is even an extremely talented book cover designer…  It is no wonder why everyone goes ape for this personable primate who is known for gibbon more than he takes.

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As a writer it gives me such pleasure to share what I have written and where YOU can go to enjoy it. My latest book, A Haiku Perspective 2018 Is a # Best Seller on Amazon - so check it out at this link... which is the link to ALL of my books either in paperback or on Kindle. Of course I really appreciate the fact that you ENJOY the articles I have written for The Magic Happens; feel free to leave me a cheery comment! You are always welcome everywhere I am!


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