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It would never have been my first choice, to read a book about super heroes saving the world from certain destruction. Never read comics regularly, unless you count the Sunday papers and then it was Family Circus, Blondie and Garfield. So when The Superyogi Scenario landed in my lap I was less than enthusiastic about cracking the cover. Of course I was scheduled to interview the author, James Connor and I DO read the books of those I am interviewing on the radio so it HAD to happen, eventually. With a mere 3 days left before the interview I took a deep breath and began my long day’s journey. When I finally came back up for air, I was more than 3 chapters in and totally hooked!


Yes, The Superyogi Scenario has all the elements of a terrific thriller, layers of intrigue, complex characters and of course the compelling need for good to triumph over evil.  Yet what I never expected was for Connor to be able to take fantasy and blend it so believably with ancient truths.  By using the verses of the Yoga Sutra, written in 200 A. D. approximately, Connor fashions the ground work for the reader to feel that  the power of triumph can be found within each of us and rightly so. When I finished this fast paced, expertly written novel, I was convinced that the real battle that was being fought in this book was in reality an eternal struggle each of us might be confronted with throughout our lives. Each super hero has a choice to make and he has those who choose to create stress borne of fear as well as those who create harmony borne of love, much like we can choose within ourselves.

Of course I would not want you to get the idea that this is “how” the book is presented, oh not at all. For those who seek the action packed excitement of nail biting scenarios that make one want to turn the next page to see who is closer to the finish line, the good guys or the bad, you have that here. For those who want to fall in love with characters they only wish they could meet in person; this book delivers! For those who dream that they too could be a super hero, never before has a book offered a more plausible way for this to occur. And of course there is a wide open door for a sequel or two (which I am betting we will see).  I am also betting there WILL be a feature film in the works sooner than not. What I want to stress is that because there is such a beautiful blend of right and left brain here compliments of yoga and Buddhist trained James Connor we find The Superyogi Scenario to be a tale we can take to heart.

Find this book on Amazon, terrific reviews everywhere including here and on Goodreads. Visit for more information about how to obtain your copy. Oh, and be sure to listen to the Tell Me a Story interview I did with him by following the link to our internet radio programs here on this site.

The Superyogi Scenario ©2015 by James Connor

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