The Tablets of Light – A Review by Hercules Invictus

The Tablets of Light, channeled and co-authored by Danielle Rama Hoffman, is not a book in the usual sense of the word. It looks like a book, is structured and can be read like one, but it is not a standard terrestrial document with a clear beginning, middle or end.

It is instead a timeless invitation to connect with Source itself, plus an opportunity to experience yourself as a multidimensional being interacting with other multidimensional beings (most notably Thoth) on a multidimensional level.Thoth was called Hermes and Mercury by my Greco-Roman ancestors and as Trismegistus (the Thrice Great) he is the ultimate Revelator of the Western Mystery Tradition.

There is a wealth of information contained between the covers, including thought-provoking insights on Unity Consciousness,Wholeness, Oracular Vision, Genius, Creativity, Evolution, Light, our innate Divinity and our unique reasons for incarnating in the here and now.

Simple exercises are scattered throughout The Tablets of Light and serve to further immerse you into Thoth’s level of reality. Thoth’s style is personal, welcoming and conversational. It subtly draws you in and before you know it you’re there… a Being of Light in the company of other Beings of Light.

Time, space and the distinctions between our Inner and Outer awareness all cease to be and there is only ISness itself. Quite an experience! And a personal invitation is issued to all to partner with the Thrice-Great by awakening our own Divine Self and actively engaging in fulfilling our Divine Mission.

Needless to say, I will be visiting Thoth through the Portal of this tome, and eventually its companion volumes The Temples of Light and The Council of Light throughout my ongoing Theurgic journey.


Hercules Invictus

Note: Thoth and Danielle were gracious enough to grant us a personal interview. It has been posted in this issue of TMH.

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