The Terrible Twos – by Ariel

The terrible twos… for generations parents have bemoaned this stage in their child’s life. This is the stage in toddler’s development that is characterized by mood changes, temper tantrums and frequent use of the word “no” – it typically occurs when toddlers begin to struggle between their reliance on adults and their desire for independence. Their curiosity about the world is insatiable, and they are into everything. The two year old has reached the stage where he is motivated to explore the wider world around him, to find out how things work and to test its limits. And that means, for the first time the parent finds themselves having to set limits (no climbing the bookcase, eating snails out of the garden or picking up cigarette butts off the sidewalk). The child has never heard “no” so many times in his or her short life—and doesn’t like it. So, what drives these toddlers to explore the unknown? Where does this insatiable curiosity come from?

To answer this question, we need to examine the development of the human system of chakra energy. You may, or may not know, that there are seven basic wheel like vortices throughout the human body called ‘chakras’. The chakras function to draw in energy at a vibratory level, and each is connected to a very specific trait. For instance, the first chakra at the base of the spine is the root chakra, and it is connected to ‘Survival’. The next is the sacral chakra, connected to ‘Sex’, or interaction. The third, the solar plexus, connects to ‘Will Power’ or Ego. The fourth connected to ‘Love’, is the heart chakra. The fifth, the throat chakra connects to ‘Expression’ or communication. The sixth, the third eye chakra, connects to ‘Intuition’; and finally, the crown chakra at the top of the head, connects to ‘Spirit’.


When a child is born, it is totally focused on ‘Survival’, the root chakra. At this time, the child is totally dependent on its parents for all its needs. Depending on how well the parents do at making the child feel safe, the quicker and easier the child is able to transcend to the next level, the ‘sex’ chakra. However, if a baby is born into an unsafe space, such as being exposed to arguments, conflict, or violence, it will take longer for the child to transcend and move into the next chakra. They may even become fixated at this level, causing long-term traumas, anxiety and pain that last well into adulthood, and often results in being immersed in reality escape addictions.

However, once survival has been achieved, the child moves on to master the second ‘Sex’ chakra. This chakra is all about connecting and interacting with others. This is instinctual and manifests in seeking to connect with others in the world around them – parents, family, friends, and with animal companions. In later years this develops into relationship intimacy. This is the need to connect – to touch, hug, and connect with other beings; to know we are not alone. However, in modern society today, this chakra is often suppressed and programmed out of us by caregivers as well as general media. It is no longer considered “safe” to connect and share intimacy, even within family groups. This has suppressed the sex chakra, and resulted in many people being unable to form lasting relationships with others.

We now finally come to the solar plexus chakra. The child has now reached what we commonly refer to as the ‘terrible twos”. At about this age, the child seeks to understand the world around him – how do things work? How does gravity work? How are things done? What are things for? To explore these questions, the child seeks to control and test the world around him using his ‘Will Power’.


So, what happens if the child’s Will power is smothered? Or, when the child’s attempt to explore is suppressed, say by an over-protective guardian? What if exploration is discouraged and restricted? What effects does parental suppression of curiosity have on a child?

If a being is unable to explore and satisfy their curiosity of the world; if their Will Power is thwarted and suppressed, they are unable to master this chakra. As in the two lower chakras, long-term fixation is the result. The individual accepts information given by others readily, without questioning and researching information themselves.. This leads to a false sense of superiority where they “quote” others, and believe they know more than they do. Inwardly however they are insecure, and this leads them to constantly seek ‘Power’ from external sources. This may cause the individual to not only be deceptive with others, but also to be deceived by them. And may eventually lead the individual into careers defined by their deceptive criteria, or becoming enamoured by black magic methods to achieve a sense of Power.

At the present time, especially in the Western world, many are still operating within these lower three chakras – the biggest concerns in life are power, money, materialism, sex, and consumption. This manifests as a ‘fixation’ to ‘own stuff’ (cars, houses, and goods); to store up enough money to feel secure; and to constantly seek out sexual experiences and the ‘perfect’ relationship.

But, if a level of mastery over these first 3 chakras has been achieved, the being is able to move onto the higher levels – the heart, the throat, the third eye and crown chakras.. As chakras also radiate energy, this manifests in the world as universal love, open communication, psychic perception and spiritual awareness of self, as a universal divine being.

About author

This article was written by Ariel Brown

In my early years I entered nursing, studied a wide range of Natural Health Modalities, and finally gained my Diploma in Remedial Massage Techniques. However, my true passion has always been the realm of the metaphysical. To this end I undertook Theosophical studies through the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. Divination, Talismanic Magic, Reincarnation / Regression and Psychic Development through traditional Wiccan Teaching in South Australia. In 2005, I attained my Diploma of Marriage Ceremony and Design from International College of Celebrancy. And in 2012, I completed my UGD in Liberal Studies from Griffith University, Queensland Australia (2012) with special focus on Criminology & CJS, Social Justice, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion and Psychology. Finally, my personal research and study over 15 years into Hermetic and Kabbalistic Magic and Occult practices, has accumulated into my current work as a spiritual adviser for those on a personal development path. Personal development is what we all seek as our goal. It includes the recognition of how we are personally responsible for our own growth and limitations; for creating both good and bad experiences. This means never placing responsibility for fortuitous events or life's misfortunes on external sources. This philosophy of consciously creating one’s own reality, is the basis of ‘spell-weaving’ which I teach online through the Facebook group, School of Traditional Witch Craft. In conjunction with the school, I also teach Tarot symbolism and interpretation. At the present time, I am also in the process of writing my first novel. Based on Witch Craft, fairy lore, myth, legend and magic, the research has stimulated a new passion and interest in ancient Celtic Ireland, its people and culture.


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