The Unseen World – by Linda Lang

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I grew up sensing energy. Sensing the energy of places or of people’s mental and emotional states.  Not feeling them but innately knowing.  I didn’t realize it at the time; I just thought that was the way for everyone.

When I was a kid, I had a number experiences with the invisible, unexplainable world that made me believe in things that might make others balk.

My grandparents lived in a century old farmhouse. It didn’t have indoor plumbing or a furnace, and barely had electricity. A primitive way of living by today’s standards to be sure.  But as a kid, it was great fun to visit, unless you had to go upstairs. There was something spooky going on in that old house.

Once upon a time this was a hustling, bustling, high quality house but not when I knew it.  Most of the upstairs bedrooms weren’t occupied or were only occasionally used. The two bedrooms on the main floor were more suitable for my aging grandparents and my uncle who lived with them.

This big old house had two staircases going up to the second floor but we only used the back staircase. It led straight into a big room that was bright, light and comfortable, and where I would sleep if I got to stay over. It had a door that led to the main upstairs hall, the front staircase, and five bedrooms.

As soon as you walked through the back bedroom and crossed through the threshold into the main hall, you could feel the energy shift. A cold chill would go through you, maybe goosebumps. There was always an ominous feeling that something or someone was there, hidden in the unseen world.  Sometimes you could hear the invisible footsteps on the old wooden floor.

And this time, it wasn’t just me. My older sisters had the same feelings; scared every time as we ran down the hallway to the front bedroom.  Who knows what energy was making that hallway its home?  A spirit who had not crossed over? Perhaps some previous occupant who died in the house or some long lost relative that was staying put?

That house has since been demolished, living on in the minds of relatives that are old enough to remember and young enough not to have forgotten.  But that doesn’t mean all the occupants are gone…  There is so much happening in the space we share with the unseen world.


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Hi. My name is Linda. I'm an energy healer, a teacher and a writer. I have been consciously on my spiritual path for over 30 years, catapulted by a health crisis that demanded I look outside the box to find my healing. On my journey I have been blessed with many spiritual experiences. I feel very supported by the universe as life weaves to create growth and fulfill my quest to more fully know myself. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of life, to live with joy and connection, while helping others to live more of their authentic selves. I especially love to help people expand their perception of what is possible so we can all realize more wellness, transformation, freedom and peace. I offer healing work, intuitive energy work, shamanic journeys and workshops. I have studied hypnotherapy, Huna shamanism, NLP, Reiki, and a wide assortment of energy psychology techniques. I love love love shamanic journeys, guidance & channelled wisdom and meditation. I have great respect for crystals, vibrational essences, essential oils, and natural remedies. I am a Writer and an Artist, and I am happy to share my experiences and support with you each month through The Magic Happens. Visit me at, on Facebook at, or send me an email at


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