The Vision of Your Life – by Linda Lang

What is the vision you hold for your life?  Have you uncovered the inspired truth that lives within your soul?  Are you sharing it within your own unique creative expression?

I suspect you have, whether consciously or unconsciously.

After all, the manifestation of your life is a sacred tapestry designed to evolve you, experience you, and live you with richness and fullness.

Everyone’s life is this…  Offering opportunity for growth through challenges and new experiences, for possibilities that can show us our strength and resilience, and awaken our gifts and talents.  Perhaps life is designed to show us the love and incredible joy that lies within the very nature of our being.

Oh, how it all gets lost sometimes… stone-1652545_640

But yet it is there… inside each one of us… in that godspace between each cell, holding space for our magnificence to be made manifest.

Perhaps the easiest way to become aware of your innermost vision is through your bliss—those things that bring you joy and connection, and put you smack in the middle of flow.

Of course, you can get there through struggle too.  Think of all those beautiful souls who live through trauma and grief, yet manage to come out the other side and really know who they are, know their resilience, and how they can best serve life.

You can even be oblivious to your purpose until one day it is cast upon you—the story of a hero in the making­—when out of the blue, life demands you step up to the plate and find your power, and be your true expression.

So you say you don’t have a vision for your life?

Don’t worry.

Your life has a vision for you.

And it is always calling out to you, inspiring you, and leading you along your path.


About author

This article was written by Linda Lang

Hi. My name is Linda. I'm an energy healer, a teacher and a writer. I have been consciously on my spiritual path for over 30 years, catapulted by a health crisis that demanded I look outside the box to find my healing. On my journey I have been blessed with many spiritual experiences. I feel very supported by the universe as life weaves to create growth and fulfill my quest to more fully know myself. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of life, to live with joy and connection, while helping others to live more of their authentic selves. I especially love to help people expand their perception of what is possible so we can all realize more wellness, transformation, freedom and peace. I offer healing work, intuitive energy work, shamanic journeys and workshops. I have studied hypnotherapy, Huna shamanism, NLP, Reiki, and a wide assortment of energy psychology techniques. I love love love shamanic journeys, guidance & channelled wisdom and meditation. I have great respect for crystals, vibrational essences, essential oils, and natural remedies. I am a Writer and an Artist, and I am happy to share my experiences and support with you each month through The Magic Happens. Visit me at, on Facebook at, or send me an email at


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