The Watcher, looking from the inside out – by Rhea Dopmeijer

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The Watcher, looking from the inside out

When I was invited to write an article and saw the themes One was standing out immediately to me: Watch. The other one was Capable. These two seems to be connected to each other. If you are wired as an empath or highly sensitive, there is a different way of looking at the world around you.

The openness to the energies around you are making it a necessity to start watching the situation from the inside. It is the only way to detect and to identify which energy belongs to yourself, or is part of your surroundings. Of course, I can only talk from my own experience and point of view. Apparently I am not alone and in great company with those who are more the exception than the rule.

As long as I can remember, I always am the observant in situations. Looking at the way people interact with each other, determining what kind of patterns I saw and how this reflected their inner insecurities, self-worth, strength, character, authenticity. It all came down to the basics in which we are being raised, with the norms and values consistent with the time frame as well.

This has been shifting of course over the past 50 years. Religion as well the male and female roles are part of the way we are being taught to behave. Not just that, it is already starting the minute we are born. The way our parents act and react, which gender we have, color and position in society. So for me, it was always fascinating to watch how children react to each other. Often based, or should I say, always based on what they were told to believe.

Children can be rude towards each other they say. Actually, if you put two toddlers in a sandbox, within ten minutes you can see which one of the two has the upper hand. So we also bring in our own traits when we come into this world. Each of us has an unique signature, character so you will. Then there are the life challenges, experiences that are occurring, creating a different color in the signature.

Depending on the positive or negative, the colors will change. For those who are able to see the aura of people, it tells so much more about the person they watch. Others will be more receptive to the energy by the moods they perceive. If you take a closer look, watch with attention, you are able to detect the true feelings behind the masks a lot of us wear.

Being a watcher, means I have a different way of bringing my attention into any situation I am. This is not something I had to learn, this is a trade that is part of me and comes naturally. More people are aware of the way we perceive. Some by hearing, others by vision and then those by emotion. Being highly sensitive, it took me a while and training as well to discover what was happening when I picked up so many emotions, physical pain that weren’t mine.


It started as a kid, sensing something was wrong and checking what was going on. Most of the times, I heard everything was fine, yet I could sense it wasn’t. Got me doubting myself, I can tell you that. Especially when it involved people really close to me. So to me, I watched and sensed, trying to figure out what it was that was not in harmony. All I could do, was looking at it from my point of view. My own compass so to speak.

After time, study and learning about energy, it assisted me to fine tune my inner compass. Watching the process within relationships, either at home, or in work relations, it is always important to stay centered. As long as I just take in every emotion or physical dis-balance and have no clue, I am not capable to stay with my inner compass, to know myself as best as possible.

Being highly sensitive, it is maybe even more important to be capable of self-reflection and become conscious about the inner world. Otherwise, the outside world will become my inner world and that is way too much to bear. It is as much of importance to watch my own reactions towards the different challenges I come across. Maybe even more.

I can be the Watcher, the more I get detached from the outside world. In the outside world there is duality first and foremost the biggest issue, which creates distance between people, nations and religions. As long as there is either/or, right/wrong instead of respecting the differences as humans, there will be a distance between people. The different type of processes, that are a constant factor in interaction, are to be addressed in order to create a positive change for a better outcome for all.

When it becomes a battle I know there is a lot going on that isn’t mine. Taken on the energy from the outside world so to speak can happen in any type of situation. Either standing in a shop, watching tv or being in a group co-workers, there is always this interaction with the processes others are also going through. It needs work to define for myself, which isn’t mine in order to keep my inner balance.

Isn’t it amazing to know, each one of us humans is unique, by DNA and imprinting. This uniqueness is quite powerful as well, even though we are dealing with universal issues. We all come to learn to heal and deal with challenges that are bringing us down. To learn from each other and teach each other how to be the loving individual you are. It is almost mind blowing if you consider this fact and try to make a picture of this.

Not just that, we are unique as a species as well on this beautiful planet, co-existing with all the forms in Nature. To see and learn what we have in common with each other, as well our surroundings is a big task we have taken upon us. We all want to be loved and love, have shelter and be safe every day, nourished and secure. That is what we are, our unique inner nature is coming from love as the master key to create any change in our day to day life.

So if we learn to be capable of changing our experiences created by fear into love, we can watch this planet and humanity as a whole thriving organism. Co-working and co-creating a place that is honoring our inner state of being. Through love, compassion and kindness in our own settings, our family and friends, our homes, we are the most powerful creators. There is no doubt in my mind and heart when I see what happens after disasters and human misery.

How communities and nations step up to the plate to help out those who have lost their homes, have no food or are on the run for violence. We as humans are unique and capable to engage and relate with each other through love and compassion. As unique every snowflake may be, there is no capacity to unite through love in order to make a difference. You and I can. Watch me and each other.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 6-1-2017

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