The Wings of Summer – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Seven months into the year already. Where does the time go? Seems like summer is flying by. Wasn’t it only yesterday, we were welcoming a brand-new year and looking forward to all the differences we were going to make in our lives? You know what? There is still plenty of time to make some major differences in your life this year. In fact, you may even make a few differences in the lives of others simultaneously.

With a little research, you will be able to locate agencies or programs in your area that provide services for those who could use a hand up. Whether you can provide a cash donation, or spare some time to volunteer, these entities would appreciate your participation.

If you are a musician, take your talent (and instrument if portable) to a senior center or rest home and give a little concert. You’ll be delighted at the response and the audience will long remember how much they enjoyed themselves. Should you have a couple friends who sing or dance, invite them along and make a little variety show out of the time. Why not!

Let’s say you know how to sew. You could whip up a few pair of light, cotton, summer curtains for the offices and kennel rooms of

a local animal shelter. Something bright and cheery helps the staff look forward to being at work each day and the animals will love to have a visitor. After all, you may have to go a couple times to get measurements and bring in the final product. You know what, they may even need some blankets or pillows for the dogs and cats, so you never know what your talents can provide.

Does a local food bank or soup kitchen need someone with a reliable vehicle to transport food? Yes, there are groups that serve meals to people’s homes and that is a fabulous way to help But there are times food can be going to waste because there is no one available to pick up the items from grocery stores or bakeries and bring them to where they will be turned into tasty meals. You could be an angel on wheels for so many with just one trip a week.

Want to stay a bit closer to home? Have you a neighbor who could use a hand with walking their dog? Maybe they could simply use help getting their refuse cans to and from the curb once a week. If they have difficulty getting their mail, you could bring it in to them and then take out anything they have to mail and run it to the post office on their behalf. And nothing beats taking a little time to simply sit and chat with someone. Take a couple tea bags and maybe a tin of cookies for a cheery respite from both your days.

You can always mow lawns for seniors. Offer to help a new mother by watching her baby, while she runs an errand or even simply takes a nap. There are fences to mended and gardens to be weeded. There is always something to do to make the summer fly by, as well make a difference!

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