The Wisdom of Your Soul – by Lania Desmond

When I was little I had the ability to look at people and know what was missing from their lives that once regained, could bring them true happiness.

I have since come to understand that this missing ingredient is a very unique form of love, very different than what we have been familiar with up to this point. It is a love that stretches beyond who we know ourselves to be, that reaches in and touches our very soul. A deeper sense of Oneness that feels like Home.

This illusive element, so intangibly powerful, seems to cause us to go on search after search – only to lead us to frustration. This lack of love, at it’s root, is the most basic underlying cause of distortion in our lives.

We all, at some point in our lives, have found ourselves feeling a deep longing to be wanted, welcomed, and understood. We yearn to feel safe. We crave positive self-esteem and self-confidence.

These desires have been the hidden motivation that causes us to play out or deny the deepest, most profound interactions in our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves.

Our Inner Homing Device

In whatever way this lack of love plays out in your life, the deficiency is deeply embedded into how you perceive yourself and your world. Think about this for a moment, have you ever:

~ Had an inner knowing that what you’re experiencing isn’t right somehow?
~ S
ought to resolve the breach between what you’ve experienced and what you feel is just beyond your reach?
~ Not known what it is you’re looking for, but are sure when you find it you will know?



Lania Desmond

Our search for this depth in life is like our inner homing device. We want to go Home – where all is right with the world. Where we fit and belong. Where we’re loved and cherished, for being exactly who we are. But somehow what we perceive in the world around us isn’t matching up with what our soul tells us is the real deal.

I like to use the analogy of a plant that’s been in a dark room and isn’t getting enough water. It may survive, but what if you brought that plant into a brightly lit room and watered it? The leaves would automatically turn towards the light and the plant would begin to thrive. Plants know their natural environment and respond accordingly.

Our Natural Environment

We too innately know, and will immediately recognize, our natural environment. As soon as we tap into our very personal missing element of love, everything in us moves towards the essence of that wholeness. In the work that I do with SoulPoint, we bring that natural environment back into your conscious awareness.

At some point we have to go beyond what we’ve known in the past, to who we are now as Spiritual Beings. We need to tap into the aspects of ourselves that seem to be invisible, yet are totally natural to us. We’re all familiar with these different aspects if we just take a moment to ponder them and give ourselves permission to recognize them for what they truly are.

~ Gut feelings
~ Knowing something before it happens
~ Meeting someone and feeling like you’ve known them forever
~ Feeling guided by an invisible presence

These are the more common aspects of who we are as Spiritual Beings.

Connecting with Your Soul

I offer you a very simple meditation that can gently open you to that path.

Find a nice quiet place to relax.
Take in a couple of deep breaths.
Close your eyes and imagine a golden circle of light, completely surrounding you.
Now see a door and feel yourself walking towards that door.
As you open the door experience yourself coming into a space where you can feel the expression of a divine feminine presence, nurturing and accepting, welcoming you with open arms.
Then imagine a divine masculine presence, strong and dependable, embracing both you and the feminine presence.
Feel the safety and natural sense of attunement that starts to flow between them and you.
Allow yourself to just relax into that awareness and allow the comfort they bring to wrap around you like a soft blanket.
Give yourself a moment to absorb the comfort and when you’re ready, take in another deep breath and let the substance of their welcome fill you up.
Then, feel yourself coming back into the present moment and gently open your eyes.

Let your experience linger. My suggestion is for you to simply focus on and create moments when you can get lost in your imagination in this setting. Set yourself free to explore and daydream about living from a different set of circumstances than what you have ever known. Notice the sensations in your body. Then feel the expansiveness that comes with that awareness.

At some point you might discover you’re more interested in this new adventure and what it brings you, than trying to solve all the problems of the world.

Be kind to yourself. Realize change requires patience.

Connect deeply within yourself. Stretch and explore the whisperings of your soul that call you Home. Find a special place in your heart where you can discover and savor more of the real you. Then allow a deeper perspective of love to redirect the meaning of your life.

I invite you to have a look at my website,, for more wisdom, clarity and techniques to take you deeper into this sacred space. While you’re there you might also want to sign-up for my newsletters or take advantage of my complimentary consultation.

About author

This article was written by Lania Desmond

Lania Desmond is the originator of SoulPoint and EssenceWork. She uses her considerable gifts to help you unravel the mysteries of life – so you can remember who you really are – and from there create a solid foundation of self-acceptance, deep love, and a unique rapport with your Soul. Her clients report extraordinary life-altering effects – many times including heightened states of awareness – as a result of her unusual approach to personal growth and transformation. Lania’s spiritual perspectives are the result of numerous near-death experiences (NDE's) and the decades of self-mastery that followed. Her life and work are detailed in the chapter titled "Overcoming Spiritual Amnesia" in the book Cosmic Cradle and in the 2013 revised edition as "Forgiving My Mother's Abuse." Private sessions in person, by phone or Skype. Contact Lania for a complimentary consultation and find out how her techniques can benefit you.


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  1. Sandra Gelinas says - Posted: May 30, 2016

    Lania! This is a truly beautiful guided meditation to connect us to the Divine! Thank you for sharing with us.

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