To Do Do Do Ta Da Da Da – by Annette Rochelle Aben

The humble To-Do list, it can be our greatest friend or the bane of our existence. We have such lofty intentions when we put pen to paper and give ourselves reminders as to what needs to be done that day, week or month. If we are lucky enough to cross out the lines, one by one, then we call ourselves champions. Should we leave a couple on the list by the time our self-imposed deadline arrives, are we any less a champion? Heck no!

That list is our training ground for bigger, better goals. The list of that which we wish to do, is a means to an end. Sure, we’ll see progress a little quicker than saving for that new car, vacation or our wedding but in order to instill the discipline for those grander schemes, we need to start somewhere.

So, learn to become friends with a To-Do list. Start small, maybe one thing each day. And make it something you aren’t already used to doing. Maybe your list will be to make a meal, so it is on hand when you are hungry. I know that when I wake up and my breakfast is ready to grab, it takes a load off my morning. Yes, I must put everything together the night before but that’s okay. The feeling of accomplishment combined with how much easier it makes my day spurs me onto quantity cooking other meals. When all I need to do is reach into the freezer for a home cooked dinner, I am a happy person. Set it in the fridge in the morning and heat it up in the evening. A total win!

It all started with creating To-Do lists. I highly recommend that you give this a try. After all, we are in a brand-new year. What a terrific time to begin a habit that can only bring us more happiness the further down the road we travel. Soon, you’ll find yourself saying Ta-Da all because you were willing To-Do!

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