Tools for Transformation: Connections, Cords and Healing – by Danielle Hughes

Each interaction and relationship we engage in creates a sacred connection. Those sacred connections manifest as cords, these cords act like energetic links to the other person.   A healthy relationship will have a healthy cord that is light and silver in colour; a negative relationship will have a cord that feels heavy and be darkened.  Dark relationship cords have the potential of draining your energy, as you focus on emotions like anger, sadness etc your energy will be siphoned to the other person.

There are different types of cords that can develop depending on the relationship. For example:

1. Junk Cords: Similar to junk mail or e-mail spam, junk cords casually hook into the chakras when someone has tried and failed to control us in some way. Junk cords attach into the surface of a chakra long after the attempt influence or create a relationship has stopped.
2. Transitional Cords: These are formed from curiosity.These will often be associated with acquaintances. They allow us to download or receive information acting like “Feelers”.
3. Attachment (Relational) Cords: These cords reside deep within the chakras and occur when a relationship is formed. They act as a permanent link to the other person. These cords include family, friends, long term partners and any other person we have an emotional bond with.
4. DNA (or Heritage) Cords: These cords will often lead to situations rather than individuals. These are the cords we inherit, filled with the unresolved lessons from our ancestors. In these cords lie the generational and family patterns that we need to learn from. By bringing these patterns to our awareness, and by re- patterning DNA cords, we can heal the past and begin to make new choices. (They also hold the positive lessons learned over time and can boost your positive choices.)
5. Chakra Self Cords: Self cords are mean to act as a journal or diary of our relationships and ability to connect is a health manner. These cords allow us to build health boundaries when supported properly. These support us as healthy adults. If a person is not supported in creating a healthy mindset there may be co-dependency issues that occur and a person may turn to others to create their own reality.
When a relationship cord becomes negative to your Higher Self energy, many people automatically go towards cutting the cords . However, when deciding to cut a cord we must really look at what we are doing. Cord cutting means literally cutting off the relationship, this can create a disconnect or discord in your Akashic Records and from your lesson’s.  In some cases, cutting the cord is necessary but most often we can heal the cord. Cord healing begins with Forgiveness. By allowing forgiveness to flow you can heal your connection and release the relationship with ease and integration of the lesson’s.  Allowing the lesson’s to integrate will help prevent patterns of negative behaviour in the future.
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This article was written by Danielle Hughes

I have followed many paths and have been blessed to be in contact with many teachers from a young age. I endeavour to bring a fresh perspective to the natural world of Health, Wellness and Spiritual Reconnection. I also have an insatiable need for the written word and from that naturally moved into writing as well! I have been published in several anthology of personal stories and as a guest writer for a local paper and online magazine. I am so excited to now be part of family here at The Magic Happens!


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  1. Lee Pryke says - Posted: January 1, 2016

    Love this Danielle didn’t understand the types of cords and now something to be aware of. Great writing. Love Lee

  2. Angela Horne says - Posted: January 2, 2016

    Awesome reminder references Danielle of cords/attachments, we all need to be more consciously aware of what is in and around us and do regular check in with ourselves. Grow, prosperous, expand…. sigh, nicely done. Namaste Angela

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