TRUTH OR FICTION? THE ANSWER IS “BOTH:” Reflections of Darkness Offering Enlightenment – by Patty Paul

I usually ignore ‘adages,’ ‘proverbs,’ ‘sayings,’ ‘mottos’ and the like, because they don’t mesh with my constantly expanding belief system. But there are two sayings, one from ancient times and the other very modern-day, that do resonate with me and my perceptions about ‘truth’ and ‘fiction.’

The 1st century BC Roman poet and philosopher known as Lucretius is the oldest known reference for this truism: “Sit enim unus homo quid sit pabulum, aliis acre venenum” – “What is Food for One Man May be Bitter Poison to Others.”

For the focus of this article, blogger Mira Grant’s quote is more to the point: “One man’s gospel truth is another man’s blasphemous lie. The dangerous thing about people is the way we’ll try to kill anyone whose truth doesn’t agree with ours.”

The proof of Ms. Grant’s statement is in the poison-pudding of mayhem and fear we are served on the world stage in endless cycles of domination and punishment, pain and revenge; and which too often appears as tragic reality in personal lives.

The good news is, there is a way to break that destructive cycle. It begins with a deeper understanding and ownership of who we are as complex human beings on our personal and unique spiritual journeys seeking self-awareness and empowerment.

Of course what I express here is my personal truth; that which makes sense to me and facilitates my opening to expanding levels of wisdom, as I follow my soul’s path. But to you it may seem like fiction. What a great example of my premise!

Each of us is a multidimensional, multifaceted being; a complex human with many aspects, who has chosen to experience lifetimes in this physical world for the purpose of discovering who we truly are, including the more expansive aspects and the more limited. The more enlightened inner-selves and those in the shadows; all of which are energies alive in our unconscious.

As Ms. Grant states: “The dangerous thing (aspect) about people is the way we’ll try to kill anyone whose truth doesn’t agree with ours.” So who does that? Or more to the point, what aspect of who we are as a human being could be that cruel and ruthless? What part of us has the capacity to kill other people simply because they hold different beliefs?

It is the inner-self that feels ‘self-righteous justification’ for doing anything deemed necessary simply because “I am right and they are not.” It is the most dangerous aspect of all, for every heinous atrocity is allowed by the premise that ‘the end justifies the means.’ We all hear its whisper now and then but for a few, it is their voice.

For thousands of years, self-righteous justification has been the steamroller, destroying societies and civilizations in the name of religion. Most of us, in one way or another, have participated during other lifetimes, if not in this one.

As human beings we each have the capacity to be the ruthless self-righteous-justifier. Yet, most of us are not because, as a whole, we have evolved consciously and spiritually beyond that barbaric state. Our prevailing human nature is to be loving, caring and compassionate*. However it is important to recognize and own that darker self for we travel this lifelong journey, our soul’s journey, to discover the whole of who we truly are: a complex and powerful spiritual being that creates their own reality and has the ability to consciously change it.

The self-righteous despots, tyrants, dictators, terrorists and other oppressors who, in the name of Truth, feel justified in perpetrating atrocities against humanity (and in personal lives too) are reflections of our own limited inner-selves about which we are in denial: “Not me. I’m a metaphysician.” “Not me. I am spiritual.” “Not me. I’m a Christian/Buddhist (etc.).”

The presence of those tyrannical dark forces on our world stage is a valuable manifestation. They remind us that we each have that element as part of the multidimensional being we are. We each have lived many lifetimes and it is likely that in some we were the ruthless oppressor. Self-forgiveness instead of judgment is called for at this point.

The physical world is a mirror offering each of us the opportunity to consciously recognize, acknowledge and own the self-righteous, justified reflection before us; to embrace it with open hearts and to integrate it into our wholeness. That positive shift is confirmed by declaring: “I, the mature spiritual adult, am in charge of my life.”

A mature spiritual adult is compassionate and understanding, confident and self-empowered. They take full responsibility for creating their own reality and gain personal freedom in return. They appreciate another’s similarities and respect their differences. They let go of labels like “Truth” and “Fiction.”

And they change the world.

*For every public story about inhuman cruelty there are a thousand unreported stories that illustrate our compassion and caring.

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This article was written by Patty Paul

One sunny day in July 1985, after the end of another failed relationship, I sat myself down on my couch to figure out what had gone wrong. As I looked back over my life I recognized patterns I’d been repeating over and over since childhood. I realized right then that if my life was going to change, I had to change. In that moment I made a determined choice to find out how and what I needed to change within myself to have the kind of happiness and success I longed for. That profound choice opened a new door. Answers and info began to come my way within 24 hours - and my whole life changed direction. Since that pivotal moment, I have been dedicated to my own growth and change as a unique being on my own journey of self-discovery. Mine has been an accelerated metaphysical path...always seeking higher truths...and it has brought me increasing happiness, success, personal power and freedom. As a published author and public speaker, I love to share what I’m learning and experiencing. In addition to writing numerous magazine and newspaper articles, I authored the book: A NEW SPIRITUALITY: BEYOND RELIGION; and its Spanish translation: INTIMIDAD ESPIRITUAL. Currently I’m writing EXPLORING OTHER LIFETIMES: THE MEMOIR OF A SPIRITUAL BEING, which is expected to be published in early 2018. For more info about me and the feedback from readers, reviewers, viewers and workshop audiences, please visit: My website:; and my Facebook page: “LIVING WISDOM with PATTY PAUL - YouTube video channel” I am honored and enthusiastic to be a new author for “The Magic Happens.”


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