Unarius: An Olympian Introduction – by Hercules Invictus

The Unarius Academy of Science represents a vast spiritual organization of highly evolved beings, generically referred to as the Unarius Brothers, whose teachings were channeled by Ernest and Ruth Norman and are disseminated by the Academy.

Echoes of the Olympians reverberate throughout the vast Unarius Cosmology.

The first inspired tome penned by Ernest L. Norman was titled The Elysium.

The five volumes of the Pulse of Creation series, which contain many of the Unariun core teachings, are titled:

  • The Voice of Venus
  • The Voice of Eros
  • The Voice of Hermes
  • The Voice of Orion
  • The Voice of Muse, Elysium, Unarius

Classical columns and Hellenic statuary grace the public areas of the Unarius building to honor the Golden Age of Greece.

And in the Unarius Academy of Science’s Star Center, a mural comemorates fabled Atlantis at the apex of her glory.

These Olympian elements first drew our attention to Unarius but the greater our exposure to this organization, the more impressed we’ve become at the depth and vastness of Unarius’ cosmic vision, the positivity of their message and their dedication to continuing the work of their Founders.

Mount Olympus greatly honors the vast contribution of the Unarius Brothers and the Unarius Academy of Science to the evolution of human consciousness. We are currently building better bridges to the Golden Age Light that shines brightly throughout their collected lore.

For more information about Unarius please visit the Unarius Academy of Science Website: https://www.unarius.org/.


Text (c) Hercules Invictus

Images (c) Unarius Academy of Science

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