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Through time and across cultures reality has been perceived different. And each time you can be sure it is believed to be the real and final thing.
Today in the post-postmodern world the materialistic worldview has become almost exclusive. We have refined the way we use the matter to such a level of sophistication that we are blinded by it. Long time ago we learned to cultivate matter into tools. Within the last thousand years we learned to make machines first driven by man or animals, then we invented the engine and the last 50 years the engine has become an electric computer dealing with information and playing with artificial intelligence in such a way that we can make a man like machine or humanoid.

Today we can make humanoids so human like that many humans take the view that we are just advanced chemo-electric machines. We act to the choices with our body as if it was a machine where we can exchange parts and just ad fuel of different kinds to increase performance.

God created man in his image and we have created machines into our image and believe the image to be reality.

(Picture: The same reality can be reflected so differently – foto © Andreas N. Bjørndal)

When things look alike it is easy to believe that they are the same thing. This is a trick used by magicians all the time. The world famous magician James Randi even takes it so far that he uses “seems alike” to disprove anything. His career is based on showing fake things that look like other things then claiming those things must also be a fake. He has turned scientific work upside down. And has gotten followers believing in him like he was a religious guru.
This is how far people are getting today.

Sceptics like Randi do not believe in anything but matter. All spiritual, consciousness based or vitality based phenomenon are disregarded as a material phenomenon or fake. Their belief in matter is so strong that they are not able to view anything else, not even perceive that others could view reality different and be right.

This is a worldview that makes a reality, but it is not the only one. Worldviews can be divided into two extremes with some meeting points between these.

The Realist
The most common today in the academic world is the so named realistic worldview. It is based on belief as much as any other worldview. The beliefs or viewpoints that form the realist are that of the; materialist, reductionist, determinist and positivist.

Scientism is a worldview where these views become not only a religion but for many a fundamental religion. Their strongest voices sound like the worst examples of religious leaders trying to get monopoly on truth and witch-hunting any person with a different perspective. Ridiculing them with search engine optimisations destroying the value of the World Wide Web. They have already ruined the value of Wikipedia and are doing destructive limitations to the freedom of flow of information.

The positive side of the realist worldview is its objectivity but when it is used to disregard the experience of the subject it becomes a killer.

The Relativist
At the other end of the spectrum we have the relativist. The relativist believes that reality is in their minds only. If you believe strong enough in something it will become real. This is true in the spiritual world, but in the material world there are some limitations. The true relativist does not believe in a material world. In the spiritual plane you create reality as soon as you think about it, and if you do it enough you facilitate its manifestation. The relativist does not believe in a worldview where things are separated (reductionist). They believe all is connected and that you can connect to anything instantly in your mind. The relativist takes their personal experience as the real thing, not what others tell them exists or not. They regard their spiritual experiences as more real than the “illusion of the material world” also called the veil of Maya. The relativist does not believe in the limitations of the materialist, but think that this is just a very limited aspect of the total reality.
Both the relativist and the realist thinks the other is completely deluded.

Stages between the realist and the relativist
The materialist is the most limited approach trying to explain all phenomena as an interaction of matter and disregards vitality, a soul and spirituality. We will define a few steps between the two moving from the realist towards the relativist. The tags I used are defined by myself to express as close as possible the core of the steps of view explained.

The Evolutionist
The evolutionist represents the next step from the materialist. Realising reality is in evolution and not final. The evolutionist believes evolution is a matter of trying, accident or that it is arbitrary and based on Spencers famous quote; Survival of the fittest.

The limitations of this view is not realizing that most likely the whole universe is full of planets with living being. Some have developed beyond us, some are at a stage we used to be. It is not a question of survival of the fittest, the whole universe is a live. The plasma of life is connecting all that seems to be separated in a vital organic unity. What has happened one place is just repeated another place. This brings us to the vitalist.

The Vitalist
The vitality is one step further on the way in-between the realist towards the relativist. They believe that matter is an expression of energy. For the vitalist all is in a flow, all is changing either growing or decaying. It is the Indian belief in Shakti or the Chinese belief in Qi and the five elements or the vitalistich approach of the century believing all diseases started on a vital level before manifesting into the material aspect of the body.

The limitations of the vitalist is not realising all process of life are following the same patterns again and again. Not perceiving the simplicity of nature believing in endless diversity.

The Cybernist
The cybernist believes all can be explained as the flow of information. They believe all is about achieving certain goals and that the way this is adjusted is by the feedback one gets. The virtual world or cyberspace is related to this view of reality. Cyber is from the Greek word navigator. This life view is about navigation in the best possible way to achieve ones goals. You could almost say this view of life is that nature is searching on the web of life for the bests information and solution as we search WWW.
The limitations of the cybernist is that they think reality is like a game and you just have to get the right cards or dices. Forgetting that advancement and achievement of goals is a matter of the diplomas of your soul.

The Personal grower
The grower is meeting life as if everything they meet on their way is placed their with wisdom and love, just to make their journey as everybody else´s the needed journey for their growth. The game of the Cybernist has become personal, and soulful with love and wisdom.
The limitations of the personal grower is their focus on the process, forgetting the final goal of achieving the diplomas or eternal virtues.

 The Master
In the life view of the master it is all about gaining of the inner qualities of the soul of the eternal virtues; truth, wisdom, love, justice, goodness, purity, virtue. The external world just becomes a background scenario for the cultivation of the soul in mastering life.
The limitations of the master is in the belief of possessing the virtues and not realising themselves just being a part of a bigger whole a bigger holon.

We will stop here even if more levels can be defined on the way to the relativist. But this is enough to see how one has a life view where matter is the most important and the other where the soul or spirit is the only focus.

Challenges in life view
A skeptic or academic has the risk of loosing out on the most important aspects of life, believing they do not even exist. Step by step they get towards the realisation of deeper aspects of life.

On the other side some relativist believe any affirmation or wish will come true, forgetting they are part of a bigger whole that might want things differently. Having to face that their ego or narcissistic perspective is not with the flow of the bigger whole.

Each of these view life completely different even if they live in the same reality it appears completely different as their view on reality changes.

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