Viewing crop circles up-close and personal – by Patty Paul

I first became interested in crop circles in 1986 when I began learning about their deeper meanings; how sacred they are and what positive messages they hold for humanity, for our beautiful blue planet Earth, and for me personally. To this day, I feel such a strong connection to the intricately detailed crop designs that manifest, with no logical explanation, around the world. In 1995, aerial photos of amazing and beautiful crop designs became available on the internet and I’ve been viewing them with awe and delight ever since. But when I saw my first crop circle in person, I could hardly believe my eyes. That happened in England.

In 1999, I and three others signed up for a crop circle tour from August 4th through August 12th to be led by Shawn Randall, who had been conducting these tours to England every summer for years. We were all from Southern California and knew each other from having attended many of the same metaphysical workshops through the years, which would make this trip especially fun. Sharing the experience with friends was one of the reasons I’d chosen to go on this particular tour. The other reason was that a total eclipse of the sun would occur over England on August 11th.

On the first morning of our adventure, we set off in our rental car, with Shawn at the wheel, heading for farmlands in the Wiltshire district. It was early August, so most of the crop circles that began appearing in June still remained in the ripe fields of wheat, barley, oats, and oilseed rape. Harvesting would begin about mid-August.

Shawn knew where crop circles could be found because the day before she’d met with fellow “croppies” at their central hangout, a pub where all the latest crop circle news was shared.

The road we were on that morning wended its way southward past small towns with names like Devises, Alton Barnes, Bishops Canning, and Pewsey.

Eventually we found ourselves in the countryside with its gently rolling farmlands extending to the horizon on either side of the road. Our destination was a field Shawn knew of where a crop circle had recently appeared. We soon rounded a bend and there it was…huge and precisely carved into a wheat field on the left side of the road. I was seeing this amazing phenomenon with my own eyes, but the reality took a moment to sink in (like it did when I watched Apollo 11 astronauts walk on the moon).

Shawn parked next to the field and I, in my excitement, jumped out of the car and started running toward the crop circle located about 200 feet into the upper field. Shawn called me back. It seems there were rules to be heard about entering a farmer’s field, like only walking on the tractor tram lines so as to not damage his crop. With much chagrin, I stayed with the group as we carefully made our way into the massive and perfectly formed design.

The standing wheat was about four feet tall. The intricate geometric design was created by small “handfuls” of wheat stalks carefully bent flat and overlapping in a braided pattern forming circles and swirls and triangles that were connected by straight channels of plaited wheat. Every stalk of wheat was bent just above its roots and was still growing. Not a single stem was broken. As I recall this crop design was about 40 feet in diameter.

During our weeklong tour we visited perhaps ten more crop circles; each one seeming more spectacular than the last.

Besides visiting crop circles, we spent considerable time at a number of famous sites, including Stonehenge, Avebury and the Chalice Wellspring of the Goddess in Glastonbury.  It is no coincidence that crop circles manifest in the same vicinity as these ancient sites, for this is the sacred Salisbury Plain, a chalk plateau covering 300 square miles, and most of it lies within the county of Wiltshire.  Much could be written about those experiences, but that is for another time.

As I’ve gained more knowledge and self-empowerment through the years, I’ve learned to manifest reality more and more from the unconscious levels of my mind. I discovered that my personal growth has even changed my relationship with crop circles because I value them so much. Though it sounds incredible, I now seem to have an interactive synchronicity (for want of a better term) engaging with crop circles that appear on the internet.

This is one example: On a Saturday in July 2006, I had plans with my son Mike to attend a Chris Isaak concert that evening at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The Fair was in progress and I went there extra early just to see the farm animals that were on display every year.

My very favorite exhibit was an enormous sow lazing in a large pen with her ten little high-energy piglets. They were comically frolicking with each other, dashing and tumbling round and round on the straw-covered floor. These darlings were so cute I watched them for about an hour before it was time to line up for the concert.

The next morning I phoned two of my fellow animal-loving friends just to share the delight I’d had watching the antics of those adorable baby pigs. That afternoon I went on the internet to read the latest news and, as usual, to visit the crop circle web site. Below is the aerial photograph that was newly posted there.  This one-of-a-kind design, nearly 140 feet high, had manifested the day before in a wheat field in the Wiltshire area.

Here’s another example: During a consultation I’d had with Elanor, a wise and loving non-physical being friend channeled by Steve, a fellow metaphysician, the conversation focused at length on how multifaceted I am (as we all are). Elanor reminded me once again that I am a multidimensional spiritual being and a human being with many facets “just like a diamond.”

That conversation took place at Steve’s on Tuesday morning July 1, 2008. That afternoon I went on the internet and eventually visited the crop circle web site. Below is a photo I’d never seen before of a Wiltshire crop circle that had recently been posted on the site.

Hundreds of authentic crop circles manifest every year around the world. They are here to remind us that mystery and magic are afoot. And that anything is possible.

These crop circles were reported in July 2017:

Below in Wiltshire, England

Above in Sofia, Bulgaria




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  1. Patty Paul says - Posted: August 1, 2017

    I’m delighted to share this email I received about my August crop circles article:

    “Hi Patty! – I’m crazy about your article! I am sending it to all my tour participants for this year with the requirement they read it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love and Light, Shawn (Randall)
    PS There is no doubt you and the crop circles are connected!

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    I’m grateful for this email I received today, and very pleased to share it:

    “Amazing synchronicity for you personally Patty! Miraculous!! Really miraculous!!” – Susan

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    I received this email today from a Linkedin contact:

    “Your story arouses my interest with crop circles. Thanks.” – Lin Pauline

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    Thank you Patty. I really enjoyed your article. I didn’t know much aboutcrop circles.

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