Virtues – the values in the backbone of the human soul – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

In this article we will explore the most valuable aspect of a human being, the gold of the soul. We will explore it through gold, alchemy kabbalah and the esoteric tradition.
You will learn the secret to solve any problem in your life as well as the secret of the universal remedy to any disease, the panacea.
What can be more valuable than that! We will also shortly touch upon value in the Chinese and Egyptian perspective.


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Picture: Is gold coming from the sun, or are the stars the gold in the universe © A. Bjørndal


The value of a country is measured in its Gold. Gold is durable, does not rust, tarnish or corrode. Because of this it has been used in churches and temples, wedding rings, sacred symbols and death masks. Gold was used so it could pas on and represent these qualities of durability and eternity.

Gold being so rare makes it even more precious. All the gold in the world today only gives a cube 20 meters each side. From ancient times until 1848 that cube was only 2 cubic meters!

The last 170 years we have found 90% of the gold we have today. What we find each year adds some 10 cm on each side of that cube. Even in 30 years it will only be a cube as long as a tennis court, that is 23 meters, in each direction.



It is not strange that people were looking for ways to make gold. Many believe alchemy is all about making gold. This is right and wrong. In alchemy there was an outer and an inner tradition. The outer tradition believed they could transmute other metals into gold. The inner tradition was a secret way of describing the inner process of becoming spiritually aware, a question of producing gold in the soul. Alchemy became a way to describe that process without risking to be burnt as a witch on the stake. The church had a monopoly to anything regarding the soul and spirit, but its hold on the body and physical matter became less and less strong. It was accepted to describe the physical side of the human nature and of physical nature.


Three realities

The perception of reality has over the last centuries become increasingly materialistic. Today there are people that are not able to perceive that there exists anything but matter. They believe life and even consciousness is a product of matter rather than the other way around. They tend to forget that the material state is rather an exception in a universal perspective. For them the universe is void, except some minute lumps of matter. In this perspective the most valuable becomes material wealth. This gives a very limited perspective of value.

For others it is obvious that all is energy or energetic fields. Even matter is considered condensed energetic fields. With an awareness of the energetic side to life, you are more sensitive more awakened and the esthetical and ecological aspect of life becomes vital and obvious and natural. With this perspective the most valuable thing is health, life or vitality. You become aware of healthy food and life stile, you turn green and vital. Quality of life becomes the golden calf. You appreciate life itself as more valuable than any material things.

More subtle than this energetic perspective of the universe is the perception that everything is just levels of consciousness, or awareness. God sleeps in stones, awakens in plants, feels or should we say move and get moved through animals and becomes aware of a self, his her-himself through humans. The All is just combined expressions of different aspects of God, every thing is a being, a part of the universal, almighty being. The mantra in life is to become one with higher levels of awareness. The ultimate is to be one with the all and nothing. To unity with the highest possible state or being becomes the most valuable aspect of existence.

In the time of the alchemist the universe was perceived as a ladder, with the beings next to God praising him with their song Holy Holy Holy, followed by different lower hierarchies of spiritual beings all the way down to angels, to be followed by humans, animals, plants etc.

At the bottom were the things that fell apart into their original pieces in the chaos. Everything that was not disorganized and part of chaos, had a higher order within. This was a spirit or inner quality that was soul like.

The alchemist grinded, melted, boiled and evaporated different substances to release their inner spirit. Then they tried to condense this pure inner spirit of the substance into liquid form, perhaps mixed with alcohol. This kind of elixir was believed to contain the purified essence or living spirit of the substance. This could help you in your process of evolution and transformation, of creating gold in the soul.

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The materialistic illusion of separation

Today we are far away from this understanding. We have become imprisoned in materialistic thinking. Anything that is close to this perspective of an innate nature is regarded as fantasy and imagination. We have no technical equipment to measure it. It can only by perceived by the consciously aware and spiritually developed humans. So if you are a materialist it simple does not exist, for you.
The German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) also worked on revealing the qualities in different substances. He took different substances and recorded which effects they had on mind and body. In homeopathy this is called a proving. Homeopathic provings were cutting edge, they were the first experiments to be conducted blind and double blind, but the last 20 years more and more homeopaths have seen the need for an even more advanced perspective. With experiments to triple and quadruple blind the realization that complete blinding most likely is impossible, is becoming more and more likely.

Why is this? When you blind the test person, he or she does not know if they get placebo or an acting substance. If you double blind neither the patient nor the person giving the substance knows. With more blinding, you eliminate and reduce any kind of possible connection or transferal.

In a materialistic perspective the ability to separate things appears obvious. In an energetic worldview influence of vibration and resonance, transmission and radiation gives additional challenges, when you want a thing to be untouched or not influenced by other things.

In a world of awareness there is no distance, separation is not possible. You think of someone and even if the person is on a different planet, hidden deep in the ground in a box with walls of 10 km thickness, you are instantly in touch.

With material or energetic experiments you can find ways around to blind, but when you touch the realms of soul and spirit it is a different story. Almost like the alchemist saying you can make gold as long as you do not think of a pink elephant while you try, if you even contemplate not thinking about it in a split second you can´t.

Now we can better understand that the alchemist was able to get in touch with a non-material aspect of different substances. We can understand that the experience of different parts of nature on a subtle level stimulated a growing awareness of the soul, cultivated different aspects, developed knowledge, understanding and experience of the spiritual realm. This was a way to become a master, a person of value, a way as good as many other spiritual paths.


Gold in the soul and heart

The alchemical way of making gold in the soul is not different than any other traditions way of mastery, or creating a golden soul. The difference is in words, expressions and models dependent of tradition and culture.

We have many expressions that all show the value of gold; A heart of gold, good as gold, worth your weight in gold, a golden handshake, a golden opportunity, silence is golden, golden parachute, A golden key can open any door ++

It should be little doubt that value has a strong connection with gold. But let us take a spiritual and not material perspective on this. What is gold in a spiritual sense? According to esoteric traditions gold represents the sun on earth and is even considered given by the sun during the creation of the earth.


Virtue the gold from the sun

The connection with the sun is also clear in a kabbalistic perspective. Angels, archangels, principalities and virtues are spiritual beings that help to cultivate and develop the human. This is almost the same way as when we keep animals and cultivate plants. The difference is that we cultivate for our own benefit, these higher beings cultivate us for our benefit and for the glory of God.

The Virtues or Malachim also called The Kings, are the most advanced of these beings. They are cultivating virtues in our soul, they produce the qualities that does not rust, tarnish or corrode, the qualities that last for eternity.

The Malachim, the kings of the realm of the soul, give mastery to humans, through the cultivation of virtues. The angels give belonging and connection between us, the archangels gives us insight and light, the principalities gives us yearning for the spiritual world, but the malachim gives us spiritual gold, in the form of virtues.

In the spiritual realm you are also assessed, but not by degrees from universities or marks or grades, you are assessed by the virtues you have achieved as eternal diplomas. The virtues that shiny forth from you, that can be seen by all.
In the same way as earthly degrees gives you ability to solve, perform and master the challenges in your profession, the virtues gives you what you need to solve the challenges in life.



If you have light and wisdom, you will never be confused or feel uncertain about which way to choose. If you have love you will never feel alone or separate. If you have purity you will always feel sanctity and never feel you have to hide something, you will feel comfortable in the pure naked state of your soul. If you have justice you will never perceive anything as unjust, if you have truth no lies can mislead you. There is no problem that cannot be solved by a virtue. Every challenge you have is there to cultivate a virtue in you.
The value of your soul is like the value of a country. The amount of gold in a country is like the amount of virtue in your soul. The big masters like Jesus, Buddha, Francis of Assisi or saints and holy persons are all shining with virtues.

There is no darkness, it is absence of light! You cannot switch on darkness, there is only light. It is all a question of degrees of light. The light comes from the sun, but when the earth is creating shadow, we call it darkness.

If you are full of light you light up even the darkest corners. If you are full of love, you melt even the coldest hearts. If your mind and heart is pure, there is no impurity that is not turned into something sacred.

A golden key can open any door, and a virtue can solve any problem!

There is nothing more precious, more valuable than virtues. Virtues are the gold of the soul. The keys to any challenge or problem.

No we can start to understand why the Egyptians regarded gold as the skin of the Gods, particularly the sun God Ra. Gold was the virtues that radiated from the god, what we could perceive coming forth from them as their appearance or skin.


The earth and the sun

As well as the earth creates shadow, by blocking the sun, it creates the day and the year. Days and years are the main measuring of what we call time. Time is the earth shadowing the sun, time is the gravitation of the earth. Time is felt stronger and stronger as the earth has gotten its grip on you.

As long as we are bounded to the cycles of the earth we have to struggle, work and fight to cultivate all the gifts from the sun. The earth is killing us, dragging us down into matter and finally swallowing us 6 feet under. While the sun is inspiring us, giving us light and wisdom, warmth and love, life and vitality.

The panacea or universal remedy, is the sun counteracting the earth. The alchemist remedy for all, the panacea from Greek panákeia (pan = all + ákos = cure) was believed to cure any disease and prolong life.

When we understand the play between the earth and the sun, we understand the play between life and death. There is no disease that would not be cured with increased vitality, increased life. All diseases are created by a deterioration of vitality. The inner healer is able to keep us healthy as long as it is vital.

A good night sleep, a vacation a rest from the pulling of the earth is restoring your health. You can read more about this here: “Silence”


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Picture: A Chinese master holding the three treasures Jing, Qi and Shen


San Bao, the three treasures

The old Chinese said the most valuable things are the Three Treasures, San Bao. They are Jing, Qi and Shen.
Jing is the vitality you inherit and depends of the health of your parents and parents parent etc. Jing is the vitality you have to create children, your virility and fertility. Jing is reflected in your relation to sexuality. If you learn to master it, you can replenish your daily vitality and health, the Qi. Jing is your bank account of vitality or life, it decides how long you will live.
With a strong Jing you are fertile and can live a long life.

Qi is your daily energy, if you learn to live healthy, have quality food, and are breathing fresh air, drinking pure water you get a good Qi. It takes a good rest to restore your Qi; vacation, sleep, and meditation gives you Qi. If you cultivate your Qi you replenish your Shen, your awareness.
The old Qi Gong masters said, cultivate your Jing to replenish your Qi, cultivate your Qi to replenish your Shen, cultivate your Shen and return to the void.

We see here the same levels of reality and the final goal as the all and nothing as we saw earlier.

For the Qi Gong master Jing, Qi and Shen are precious as gold, they have to be conserved, preserved, contained, cultivated and kept.

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Egypt and the Uas, Djed and Ankh

The old Egyptians had a similar understanding. Here we see three symbols interconnected in two ways the Uas staff with djed the backbone of Osiris and Ankh symbol of life put together, united. In the other symbol the three are in a basket together. The basket is a symbol of; lord, master, everything and all.

If you have conduct, stability and life you are a master, you have it all. This is one way of reading this set of hieroglyphs.

Both the Chinese and the Egyptians understood the value of preserving, of stabilizing or of looking for the qualities that last for ever. In Egypt the Djed is a symbol of stability, of your backbone.

If you are built of virtue, you are gold. There is no higher value to achieve than the virtues, the stable everlasting backbone of your soul. Virtue is the most valuable possession of the soul, its backbone.


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