Visions of Past Lives – by Moon Laramie

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When I was growing up in 1970s London, my family would crowd around the television to watch a western on a Sunday afternoon. Although I was expected to think of the cowboys as heroes, I felt no kinship with them. I felt more connected to the native peoples. I wanted them to be victorious. Whenever I read science fiction comics, I was puzzled as to why the aliens were always seen as a threat. To me, there was no doubt that first contact would be a benign event. I was also fascinated by Sweden. I sought out information about it in books and magazines. Sweden was often confused with Switzerland by many people, but never by me. I even persuaded my parents to take me there on holiday. It was an unlikely holiday destination when most of my friends went to Spain, France or Italy. In my early twenties, I travelled to the city of Manchester in northern England for a student demonstration. I immediately felt that I had come home. I was so drawn to Manchester, I eventually went to live there for ten years.

It wasn’t until I underwent a Reiki attunement that I began to understand the reasons for my peculiar passions. As soon as the attunement began I experienced a string of visions. These visions were so concrete they felt absolutely real to me. I was a young boy running across the sand of a vast mountainous desert. Next I found myself soaring birdlike through the air. I flew for a long time, floating gracefully over hot scorched earth. Then I transformed again. This time I was in a strange unearthly landscape. I inhabited an alien body. I was sentient. I had thoughts and feelings. When I eventually opened my eyes, my Reiki master told me that the attunement had taken just twenty minutes. Yet my visions seemed like they had lasted much longer. The very real nature of my visions made me wonder if they might be an indication of previous existences.
Determined to uncover the truth I underwent past life regression therapy. The practitioner I worked with told me my experiences were indeed flashes of previous lives. During our sessions other visions of former existences were revealed to me. I had been a boy killed in an industrial accident during the Industrial Revolution in Manchester, England. I had been an oppressed young nineteenth century Swedish girl dominated by her puritanical father. And once more I returned to my initial vision among the mountains of the desert. This time I was no longer a boy. I had grown to become an accomplished Native American warrior with a wife and child of my own. During past life regression therapy, I discovered that the passions I had as a child were the echoes of my previous lives. Every time we transition from one life to another, we carry traces through from our past existences. Those traces might take the form of a connection to a specific place or a kinship with a particular race, whether they are human or alien.

These past life echoes form imprints on our eternal consciousness. They are picked up and carried along by our higher selves. They can prove useful to us in our current incarnations. My Native American warrior consciousness has helped me understand the importance of culture and identity. My experiences as an oppressed young Swedish woman helped me understand that freedom and self-determination are vital to happiness. Dying as a child instilled a yearning in me to live every moment, to be ‘awake’ and ‘alive’ to life. My extra-terrestrial existence helped me understand that all sentient life has value.

It is possible for anyone to examine his or her innate passions and uncover who he or she has been before. Take a look at your own passions and interests, particularly those that have been with you from a young age. What do they indicate about your past lives? Can you spot the clues to who you have been? You will instinctively know which of your current interests are windows to your past incarnations. Where have you lived? What did you do in your previous lives? Now you can discover who you really are.

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This article was written by Moon Laramie

Moon Laramie is an esoteric author and scholar in the mantic arts. He is a former advisor on health and well-being to the United Nations Children's Fund. He divides his time between London and Norfolk, England.


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