Waiting for Santa Claus – by Nancy Zimmerman

I have absolutely no idea why this title came to me. I attribute it to my spirit guide, Gloria.  She has helped give me direction on more than one occasion, so I am not about to doubt her now. I have recently been introduced to a medium who seems to be extremely aligned with the spirit world. This followed on the end of my having my Natal Chart figured. There were two different people involved, so it was not a crossover configured by knowledge of that natal chart.

The natal chart along with numerology has provided me with some interesting information, most of which life has shown to be true but would have been great to know in my twenties or thirties as I struggled my way through life.   When we just go haphazardly around the situations that seemingly show up out of nowhere, we have a haphazard way of solving problems. What if the configuration of a natal chart was something that was done within 24 hours of the birth of a child?  What a gift that would be. The ability of parents to see the child’s strengths and weaknesses before they manifested themselves in the child’s life. What if there was a strong indication of an artistic temperament and talent? Would parents be so quick to urge the child to be in sports, or visa versa?

One will never know, because the natal chart does not come with the birth certificate. But, after six decades, I simply got confirmation that much of the way I had lived my life, from a career standpoint, was spot on. What I found was that the best is yet to come. I had a couple of Tarot readings, the natal chart explained, and then met with a medium. All were confirming each other in the most miraculous way.  I found myself wondering, “How do they DO THAT?”  Then reasoned that is simply a gift.

We all have gifts that we are given. I think that has to do with either left over parts of different lives or we have them to resolve some kind of “karma” from another life. Whatever the case, we simply find ourselves waiting to get the messages to help us live our lives fully. I recently encountered someone who is a wonderful friend. It comes as no surprise to me that the cards, the stars, and the spirits say that we were destined to meet and destined to become close. It still, however, amazes me that this person is such a valuable part of my life. Actually amazes me that we have found each other because surely we were not strangers when we met. It was as if we had been waiting our whole lives to find the other.

Which brings me to the title of this essay. We were waiting , living our separate lives, without knowing the other person was there.  We even shared the same town for two or three years without realizing it. Did we ever look at each other in passing without that knowing? If so, it was because the time was not right. We can wait a lifetime and those who are to play a significant part in our lives will show up. We don’t know where and we don’t know when but when the time is right, they will appear in that divinely orchestrated way. Just as some stores celebrate Christmas in July and have sales, we know deep down that the time is not right for Santa Claus. We know that when we wait until December, the time is right and Santa will appear. We will have waited until it is time.

This is the way of life. We wait and we wait. Like the young child who begins looking out the window for Santa right after Halloween, the longer you look, the longer you feel like you are waiting. Make the wait shorter by waiting until the time is right. Then, you are onto one of the secrets of life.

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This article was written by Nancy Zimmerman

Nancy opened a flagship line of self help books centered around the work necessary to achieve ones “Best Self.” The first in the series was “Embracing Your Best Self,” which focused on identifying the habits that keep us from being and doing our very best. In this book Nancy focused on her personal storyand how she was able to overcome personal set backs on her way to discovering that a life without failure was a live void of true self discovery. “If you truly wish to live, learn how to fail.” Her second book “Confronting Your Best Self” deals with how to keep from slipping back into old habits. The third book in the series, “Balancing Your Best Self”, was published in late 2015 and is the story of how to find ones Zen and maintaining your best self. “Great personal failure always pave the way to the abundance of great personal success.” In addition to writing for The Magic Happens Magazine, she is currently host of a show on TMH Radio called, "A Look at the Bright Side" with guests from around the world. She also hosts a local show in Anderson with the same title. She recently completed a learning based children's series of books, Sadie's Great Adventures, for children 3-8. Her current project is a new children's series under the umbrella, "Young Artist Series" offering high school artists the opportunity to add to their body of work. Learn more at her website, www.nzbestself.com


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