Walking is talking – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Sometimes when I walk on a busy street I imitate people’s walks.
I would not do it with few people around. I do not want to embarrass anyone.

Have consideration, do it at a distance and not be too obvious.
The whole point is to exercise yourself to taste, feel, and embody the other person into yourself.

skjermbilde-2017-02-14-kl-12-12-15You can also do it just in your mind, so it cannot be seen.
You can even do it when you sit on the tram, train or buss or in a meeting. Just imagine how it would be to have that nose, those eyes, that hair or head, that complexion or body. To move or talk or laugh like that.

The whole point is to learn to approach people, even strangers from a deeper place in yourself, to open up your mind to the subtle world often in the realms of the subconscious or even unconscious.

You will see that some people walk like they were pulling a big load, others almost take off into the air as they jump with light steps, some people walk sideways like a crab, some limp, some are quick and energetic.

Illustration: People vector designed by Kjpargeter – Freepik.com

Go behind the physical expression and try to feel their flow, their quality or energy, try to imagine how it would feel to be them, to be in their shoes, literary.

It is much more than fun, it is exploring yourself as much as them, it broadens your perspective on life, and how others might feel, it opens you up to strangers and it evolves you by making you aware of realms that still were in the shadow of your subconscious. It makes you conscious of your subconscious.

Enjoy the walk! The magic happens now!

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