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Wayne’s Note

I absolutely love this time of the year here in Canada. Where else must you have three changes of clothes each day to accommodate the unpredictable weather? Just this past week there has been temperatures ranging from 45 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius.

For our American readers, that is 110F down to 35F. We have seen severe thunderstorms, high winds, torrential downpours and sunbathing weather. So somewhere between the possible heatstroke and the threat of frost, I guess it is my most preferred season.

It may be the diversity, the beauty of nature in all its grandeur or simply me knowing that I love the fall season. No matter what, it has become a feel good thing to me and that is what truly counts. For me it is like a breath of new energy surging up inside of me. I get to enjoy added reading, a lot more writing and enjoying all the indoor stuff that does not happen during the summer months.

One of the other feel magnificent aspects for me is the fall edition of The Magic Happens magazine. Like the weather here in Canada, the magazine is crammed with much diversity. There is a stunning group of writers, beautiful engaging articles that uplift, making me tremendously excited. This fall edition has a unique theme called looking within. How appropriate this theme is. For us to grow as a human being we must know our self-first. Yes, it does take some effort to discover who you actually are but the challenge will enable you to make giant leaps forward in your adventure.

After the summer release of the newly designed website and format for The Magic Happens magazine, the team quickly realized there were a few technical glitches. I am happy to report that the challenges have been over come and we are now running at full speed. As a reader of this magazine, please take a minute to register. In doing so, this gives you the ability to comment on any article or give feedback. In turn, the author of the article can comment back to you. What a great feature in this world of interactive media.

I know I personally receive an abundant amount of information; cutting-edge perspectives on a multitude of topics come release date. The Magic Happens continues to grow exponentially and you as readers play an integral part of its growth. If any of you wish to author an article or maybe you know someone that fits our magazine, please feel free to connect with one of the team members.

As a final note, I would love to pass along incredible thanks and gratitude to all the writers, you the readers and to the whole Magic Happens team. Please enjoy this edition and remember to pass the link on to all your friends.

Peace and Love


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  1. Lee Pryke says - Posted: October 1, 2013

    The magazine looks amazing Wayne, Loving the read and also the opportunity to participate as a writer. Nice to have the connection with friends again. Love, Light, Laughter, Lee

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