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Hello and welcome to my column! Come in, sit down, have a cup of tea. I’m so delighted you are here!
This is a place where we can ponder questions about teaching, writing, art, metaphysics, and the meaning of life.

tea with lemon

Take off your shoes, put your feet up, get comfortable. This is a place where we can take a deep breath, be our true selves, relax.

This is also, always, the place for chocolate.

delicious chocolate candies

I hope you will stop by here often, share your thoughts in the comments, and always feel at home.

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You first:

I’ll introduce myself in a minute, but first I’d love to get to know you.

Whether you’re brand new here (as I am) or an experienced magic maker,

please say hello in the comments below this article.

  • Who are you, and what matters to you most?
  • What issues and topics would you like this column to address?
  • What challenges and struggles are you dealing with right now?
  • What do you wish more people understood?

Now me:

My name is Rebecca Frost Cuevas.

  • If I gave birth to you, please call me Mom.
  • If you have known me since I was five years old, feel free to call me Becky.
  • If you love Hebrew, Arabic, or other Semitic languages, I answer to “Rifqa”.
  • And if you’re as excited as I am about my new book, I’d be honored if you felt inspired to address me as “Mother Rebecca”.
  • I’ll also answer if you forget my name and just shout “Hey, you!”
  • I feel we all should wear name tags at all times, for easy reference.

Victorian style name badges

Phew! I think that covers most aspects of my identity: mother, inner child, student of languages and spiritual traditions, world traveler, teacher, author, and good old gal.

How old AM I? Well, a lady has to have some mysteries, and math is not my strong point, so I always say I am 29. (I am SOME multiple of 29… I think. Yes, it’s true: I am now officially younger than my own child.)

Actually, I’m just being playful. I am 64 and grateful for the years of life, learning, and growth I’ve been blessed with so far. During those years I’ve been a teacher, instructional designer, traveler, and writer, and I’m excited to embark on this next act of my life focused on writing and teaching online.

I’m a double Gemini, so it’s not surprising that many aspects of my life show up in two’s.

My business, for example,  has two interconnected aspects.

  • As an educator and instructional designer, I help experts create effective and engaging online courses through my research-based Course Design Formula™. I developed the formula based on my 40 years of professional experience, two masters degrees in education, and an in-depth focus on how to make great in-person learning experiences work well online.

I’ll be sharing the Course Design Formula™ through a series of short, fun, interactive action plans in an online a course I’ll be piloting shortly after the new year. My course-design coaching and consulting services are available by consultation, and I’m also writing a book about how to teach anything to anyone online, and be sure they actually learn it. I’m planning to publish that book about a year from now.  My mission is to light up the planet, one mind at a time.

Learn more here: https://www.learnandgetsmarter.com/

  • As a writer, funny lady, and teacher of the Wisdom, I use my fictional alter-ego, Mother Rebecca, to provide gracious solutions to life’s perplexing problems. Mother Rebecca is me if I were 200 years old and actually knew everything. She’s a fictional Victorian know-it-all who’s popped in from the 19th century to make the internet civilized again.

 Mother Rebecca will be writing a series of humorous books of wisdom and guidance, on whimsical topics such as: 

  • Mother Rebecca’s Advice to Ladies of a Certain Age
  • Mother Rebecca vs. Gravity
  • Mother Rebecca Goes Digital
  • Mother Rebecca Does Customer Service
  • Mother Rebecca’s Compendium of Gracious Solutions to Life’s Perplexing Problems

Mother Rebecca’s first book, “Hello World – Meet Mother Rebecca: The autobiography of a fictional Victorian know-it-all” just launched  on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.  You can find it if you search for “Mother Rebecca” on Amazon.com. Or  you can see it here:


The eBook is only 99  cents (a bargain, darlings!). The paperback is $3.99 and just the right size to slip into a holiday stocking.

Next step: recording the audiobook. Several friends that I know would enjoy the book, have mentioned that reading is a challenge for them due to time or vision constraints. That is motivating me to get the audiobook out there.

Ultimately, I want Mother Rebecca to have a podcast too, so she can speak directly to her audience.

Mother Rebecca is available for wisdom coaching (such as helping  you learn to read your birth chart as your lesson plan for life).

Learn more about Mother Rebecca on her blog at askmotherebecca.com.


As a fictional alter-ego, Mother Rebecca gives me a playful way to weave teaching about soul-level issues into the fabric of everyday life. In the past, I’ve  studied the Wisdom teachings formally, as a student in the Nature of the Soul, a comprehensive course that is similar in content though different in presentation from the Course in Miracles.

My son, Ben, is the light of my life. At 31, he’s a few years older than I am (wink). He’s a graphic designer and an internationally known fiber artist,  best known for the life-size knitted skeleton he made while in residence at the Wassaic Project:



I am a proud, and thankful, Mom.

Ok that’s enough about me.

Back to you, darlings:

Leave me a note in the comments to let me know you were here and what you would like me to write about for next time.

My home (page) is your home (page), so don’t be strangers.


letter sealed with a lipstick kiss


About author

This article was written by Rebecca Frost Cuevas

Rebecca Frost Cuevas (born 1954) grew up in New York City where she attended the Town and Brearley Schools, and graduated from Harvard with honors, focusing on English language and literature. She holds two Masters degrees in education with emphases on curriculum development and instructional technology. As Education Coordinator for public utilities in Southern California she designed, developed and delivered education programs that won national awards and taught water and energy conservation to thousands of students in twelve school districts. As a student and tutor in the Summer Language Intensive Program at California State University, San Bernardino, she earned multiple fellowships for international language study. Her writing reflects her lifelong love of language, travel, culture, human development and education. Her poetry has been published in Dark Horse and the Connecticut Poetry Review and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


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