Well, what do you know – by Annette Rochelle Aben

…thought, alone, can change the body.” Dr. Candace Pert Ph. D.
Dr. Pert was a neuroscientist, whose work in the field of brain chemistry was as legendary as was her work in the field of alternative medicine. The above quote was taken from an interview with her in the movie, What the BLEEP Do We Know. Basically, what Dr. Pert was telling us, is, that the words we tell ourselves, the thoughts we own, is what creates our bodies.

Yeah, wrap your head around that for a moment.

One of the greatest examples of this “theory” that we can use out thoughts, alone, to change our bodies, comes to us in the story of someone known as “The Miracle Man.” Morris E. Goodman’s story was told in the 2006 movie, The Secret. He spoke of surviving an airplane crash which left him paralyzed, unable to breathe on his own and unable to speak.  His statement, “Once you have your mind, you can put things back together.” explained the path he took to regain everything the plane crash took away. He spoke to himself day and night, while he lay in that hospital bed.  The initial command he kept giving his body was to breathe deeply. So, even though in the beginning, all he could do, was blink his eyes. Through that painstaking method of communication, he informed his medical care givers that he would walk out of that hospital.  And after months of his mind giving his body commands, that is just what he DID!

How exciting to realize that we hold the power to our health. Of course, this means that we can create something about which we can be happy, or something that causes us distress. It all depends upon what we are saying to and about our bodies. Doubt it? Try a little experiment and see what happens.

Create a statement, many call these affirmations, and say it, every day, 3-5 times a day for 1 month. Not only say it, but feel connection with the energy of the statement.  Allow yourself to bring the emotion of excitement into the equation. Let the energy of ownership of the statement/affirmation empower you to the point where you believe every word you say. Write it down, in a calendar, on sticky note, or any other place where you can see it from time to time, throughout your day.

Writing, is a subconscious act. When you are writing on paper, or in a journal on your computer, you are also pulling the information into your brain, via the subconscious. Do this for a period of 30 days, and you create a new, solid belief system.

Keep it simple, remember, the whole idea is that you are committing to doing this daily for an entire month. Try something like, “I feel great!” Or, make a statement like, “Iweigh 150 pounds.” Now, you want to be sure to choose a statement that is contrary to what your physical reality is, in the moment. So, if you have more aches and pains than not, then the statement of feeling great is a good choice. And if you are wanting to get to a specific weight, choose that number as part of your statement.

Saying it, is powerful. Often, people say things to themselves that are so negative about silly, simple things that they begin to believe they are incapable of doing greater grander things. For it is the silly, simple things we say to and about ourselves that form the neuro networks within our brains and we will match the patterns subconsciously. Tell yourself that you are “so stupid” often enough and with enough feeling, you will behave that way without any conscious effort. Conversely, when we choose to tell ourselves uplifting, empowering things, we can create behavior that delivers happier results.

The point of the experiment is to show you that in a relatively short period of time, you will notice your body responding to the mind’s commands. Will you reach the goal weight in a one month time frame?  Maybe not but what you might notice is that you make different choices in everything from food to exercise which when continued, will lead to your reaching your goal, with what appears to be little effort.

If you are always telling your body that you feel great, one day you’ll realize that you are the only one at the office who isn’t missing work because of illness.  You never get headaches and your energy seems to soar!

Of course, the results of the experiment will depend on what you are telling yourself and the energy you invest. The beauty of this is, that you are making your life what it is because of what you believe is possible. By using that same power to learn to believe in a new thought, you can do anything, including change your body!


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